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Clockwork Crafting Stations

I felt it important to make a thread concerning these as I was hoping the fix to the interaction box on them would have also fixed this issue.

The clockwork crafting stations, while lovely, are nearly impossible to place properly. It seems even the merest whisper of the idea of another furnishing or wall being within 10ft of any part of them renders them unable to be used.
This is very frustrating as a decorator as I am unable to place them in a way that would have them appear "used" and part of my workshop.
It seems the only way for me to place them and have them be useable is if they are in the middle of a large empty space, and even then it is not guaranteed they will go green.

To boot, I cannot place any furnishings on the surfaces of the very large tables. I would love to put a second skinning podium onto the clothing station, or a pot of dye on the dye table, or heaven forbid a fish on the provisioning pipe vent.
Please look at how these stations determine "useability" and see if they cant be made a little less sensitive. Without some kind of fix to this problem, I simply cannot justify buying them as they cant be placed in my current workshop at all.
  • Zariah
    I dont understand why they wont be usable at all. I would love to be able to place things -ontop-, or atleast close to the stations. But it always renders all of then unusable :/
    If we could get so we could use then however we wanted, we would be able to make so many cool things with them!
    Edited by Zariah on September 27, 2017 7:35PM
  • Earrindo
    Agreed. I would love to be able to set crafting stations into counter tops or tables to really blend them into a workshop setup.

    in EQ2 you can almost completely hide crafting stations, to the point of near invisibility, and they still work. It allows for some really cool crafting room designs, utilizing all the wonderful housing items available and keeping to a theme.

    I am not sure how crafting station furnishings are set up in ESO, but it would definitely be nice if they were less sensitive.
    Agree. the looks good should nt be the enemy of the functions.
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  • pauline_6799
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to see the clockwork stations being available for golden vouchers and not crown only.
  • Apache_Kid
    Has this been fixed yet? Thinking about buying some but they are so expensive and don't want to if they are buggy
  • Jaraal
    Can anyone confirm that this has been fixed?
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