Show off your Argonian #MEGATHREAD# LIZARDS United

  • HollHearsGlow
    General Hears-Glow-In-Dusk, Pact Mender:
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    Hears-Glow-In-Dusk (@Holl_Hears) on PC/EU Megaserver
    My screenshots. | ESO-Five From Alpha to Present comparison.
  • Koldr
    @Dracoqueen Now is your time to shine.
  • Dracoqueen
    Bold of you to assume i have a lizard, spoilers i have 2 XD
  • SkerKro
    This was my old look.

    Edit: This is my new look.
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    Argonians + Werewolves & Vampire
    Deaf Gamer. Also, I draw things. Not all the things, just some of the things. Some things good. Some things, not so much. No, I wont draw you a picture for free.
    Add-on's = Harven's Subtitles // MiniMap by Franklin
    Don't be like [ snip ]
    ESO is totally fine without healers. Healing in ESO is way overtuned and so freaking lame is because of all the healtards from PvE infecting PvP.

    My suggestion: make healing someone get mitigated by a lot, DPS should always be the end all be all, hopefully all the healtards will [ snip ] themselves irl.
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