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Hears-Glow's Journal of Wanderings

Greetings and welcome!

Elder Scrolls have many outstanding traits, but one I favor utmost - attention to smallest of details, that you may, or may not see strait away. Can go east, west, north or south, check behind rock or swim that lake across, and always, a little something will await you there. A gift for curiosity and will to explore. Whether its a simple mining geode, time weathered note or a lonely bug - all this created to make us happier. And it sure make me so!

Even happier I'm because of now able to share some of my favorite ESO screenshots with you friends! Which is hopefully capture not only colors, but also feelings that I feel making them. They inspired by creations of ZOS, and their own feelings and wishes to make this world alive.

Here will be my "Journal of Wanderings", an open discussion where I will share my selected screenshots (comments are always welcome). :wink:

p.s I also like to post screenshots on my Twitter page, usually accompanied by some lore bits. Always welcome to have look there!

First entry:
1. With @imidazole , during visit to Vaults of Maddness.qa2ox06k8p5e.png
2. With also - me, on deadly perils.580r1v7xb7g0.png
4. With Kjartan Frost-Wolf (@Soartall) and Ko'argo Jarani (@Farchant). Hakkvild High Hall.7nfiuzhdozl1.png
5. With Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ) and Stormhaven's sunset.6jugxz0wl32u.png
6. Depths of Malatar.zt7j238xgvop.png
8. Bangkorai.na2locd01p44.png
9. With Blade-in-Shade ( @roksolana_sowa ), Murkmire.vl20f8c722zd.png
10. With Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ), Xul-Thuxis.cerikrudfytm.png
12. With dreamy netch. Deshaan.86p6gwo3jcff.png
13. With suspecting senche. Grahtwood.bnv8qrun07cz.png
14. With sleepy bear. Wrothgar.4y6kgd4zgeix.png
15. With roadside cheese ruffian. Stormhaven.leevw8sj6u9p.png
16. With Kjartan Frost-Wolf (@Soartall) and Kjella Herbstfeuer (@Airelleanda), Hakkvild High Hall.5mve2muamh4k.png
17. With mysteries Bosmer lady. Greenshade.1unpiaf7nsv0.png
18. With Kjartan Frost-Wolf (@Soartall), Craglorn.br2qo7ajhzp3.png
19. With Kjartan Frost-Wolf (@Soartall) and fiery Daedroth!?a62qznkym1k4.png
20. Stormhaven.ad33ur5gn338.png
21. With Kjella Herbstfeuer (@Airelleanda), and other-surely-equally-important heroes. Bangkorai.6deqzrh36qpl.png
22. Holgar gro-Batul (@Soartall). Wrothgar.3bebrfdlaw1j.png
23. Shadowfen.60e2n1gvfuhl.png
24. Stonefalls.2e2hti8ac04p.png
25. With @roksolana_sowa and @Lord_Umbranox . Crypt of Hearts.l6ssjrhozic4.png
26. Alikr.yfdvj3cext2h.png
27. Rivenspire.0siufqfsl49n.png
28. Moon Sister's Sanctuary (Sleek Creek House of @roksolana_sowa ).jq1fpxxsymq9.png
29. Stormhaven.y8k3g62acvml.png
30. Vvardenfell.vqwpnzdkn0kd.png
31. Jolly Dunmer Tavern, Hakkvild High Hall.8itgkjsoltvc.png
32. "A Dream of Home", featuring @roksolana_sowa .d9uf611i5eue.png
33. With @Tondoriel. Cyrodiil.j1hpakfifs8y.png
34. Ulov Stormwall. Stonefalls.lc0vgwrzha8e.png
35. With Yotumi Bonecaller ( @roksolana_sowa ). Wrothgar.ib18i60tuu0r.png
Edited by HollHearsGlow on January 26, 2020 12:43PM
  • HollHearsGlow
    I erect the spine of apologies! Since I mistakenly tag wrong person at 25th screenshot in previous post.
    Its @roksolana_sowa with @Lord_Umbranox . In Crypt of Hearts. Now its right.

    Here some more screenshots. Those rather weird... but I like them.

    36. "Warden of the Green". With @roksolana_sowa and Malabal Tor's wilderness.lucg4szcypwf.png
    37. z7aa4uenupej.png
    38. With @roksolana_sowa , Greenshade.wvt3pcq3ld5o.png
    39. Glenumbra.eezhxwp2eh60.png
    40. Graystone Quarry.ebw48e2t5ma7.png
    41. Wayrest Outlaw Refuge.pjw49x3fk51j.png
    42. Clockwork City.lj8rghgf7zaj.png
    43. Blackheart Haven.7nyiwtnuj57q.png
    44. With @roksolana_sowa at Xul-Thuxis Temple.bfr32rbbojep.png
    45. Sleeping Lilmoth.sz55qn3oo1y5.png
    Edited by HollHearsGlow on January 15, 2020 1:35AM
  • HollHearsGlow
    Third addition to my secluded cavern, which is... journal... yes.
    If one ask, what does it take to capture screenshots? Then I say, careful consideration of what your game settings is. Make it the way you feel most pleased with, especially the contrast. Then, you will sense "things" much better, and when you'll encounter something fascinating, go on, bring your inner feels and curiosity.
    To me, a good, atmospheric screenshot is similar to a book, that one might read quickly, or taste it thoroughly. Don't forget to look around, so your "book" will consist of more than a title ;)

    I also using lovely addon - Screenshot Helper (allowing you to move camera with keyboard arrows, while in No-UI mode), by sir @sirinsidiator and few Freestyle filters courtesy of GeForce Experience (contrast+10, shadows-10 color+10 sharpness+0).

    And don't forget, you can add much more things while editing your picture! Do not feel that every screenshot should be instantly perfect in everything. However tho, if it is, slight editing can bring it to a new level.

    46. Mysterious Blade-in-Shade ( @roksolana_sowa ) Crypt of Hearts II.2r805ztflfc3.png
    47. Forbidden Arts, with @imidazole . Vaults of Maddness.aoymf24qjbzn.png
    48. Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ) and a gentle touch of sleepy sun. Deeps of Malathar.fp1ls88rmfvp.png
    49. Deshaan, featuring (probably) Mean Old Torchbug. Was too busy to state his name properly.ukmni0j3vlu7.png
    50. Life Sprouts from Ash, with the help of Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ) in Stonefalls. One might recognize this picture from my ESO-Five comparison, but I take bit more freedom with vibrance here.ahm9xj9f7dz5.png
    51. The Whisperer, with help of Mannumair Woodborn ( @roksolana_sowa ) and some random Saxhleel.qglncvdwakb9.png
    52. S'wit, the Guar, at my home Clouds-Holding-Grove (Gorinir Estate).fhwcjl1s9qu4.png
    53. Boundaries of Loyalty, a Ripper's March.9m13u0j1d599.png
    54. Cost of Memories. With @roksolana_sowa , @un_DeaD, @Anastasiia , @imidazole . At custom housing scenery in Exorcised Coven Cottage, Genumbra.97zkryl5nvxk.png
    55. Will of the Hist. Coldharbour.c9m0t4xiqd8n.png
    56. Little Life and Mystery for another time. Summerset. d912vacag5zv.png
    57. Consider Twice. Summerset.1x0l9nyi2ksv.png
    58. Calling to the Depths. Summerset. wqfpcn4f5qlm.png
    59. Dragons Watch Upon Us. Cyrodiil (Fort Glademist).u6ky0grnuae1.png
    60. Better Here, than Elswhere. Featuring Pact War-Maiden Borlax ( @Teh_Lady ). Cyrodiil (Northern Morrowind Gate).8up3nv4lf60y.png
    61. Strictly Approved Goods. Summerset.id5yoj0pcftz.png
    62. Quiet Hours. Cyrodiil (Southern Morrowind Gate).5ov9ln60mkt7.png
    63. Towers Full Arrogance. Summerset. 8g1j6urspupp.png
    64. Summerset.cwkdfq1udlwb.png
    65. Summerset.rowpfke31nme.png
    66. The Truth of the Past. Summerset.xvp2ftvh6voi.png
    67. Caretakers. Summerset.c71bejclzqmd.png
    68. Nature's Eyes, with Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ), Summerset.zvlsa209hye3.png
    69. With Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ), Summerset.yjl7noasldf5.png
    70. Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ), Northern Elsweyr.43wf14hgkoae.png
    71. New Day, New Fights, with Asio Aesal ( @roksolana_sowa ). Northern Elsweyr.0rmopej8xm2a.png
    72. qmc5vcraeaea.png
    73. k8wr9euxcbhc.png
    74. With Tauriel Morgenrot @Monthy2014 , Cyrodiil (Vahtacen).o8cfi4ebmhtv.png
    75. Under Thundering Skies. Stonefalls.nnoe9fj5cd2j.png
    76. A Gift, from Uncle. Cyrodiil.vkry5pszgdu2.png
    77. Open Hearts. Summerset.myddcdgb40jw.png
    78. Imperial City Sewers.fqp583oq74ut.png
    79. Raging Maw, Cyrodiil (Quickwater Cave).08c2kmaykqir.png
    80. Imperial City Sewers.d39xjgnp4gd3.png
    81. Ominous Presence. Cyrodiil.ap56d3cdzzsx.png
    82. The Heart of Tamriel. Cyrodiil.baw9bmtd0sym.png
    83. Featuring Tauriel Morgenrot ( @Monthy2014 ). Direfrost Keep.0b6cdzcjdt08.png
    84. 23re7j3a5eox.png
    85. Summerset.29yd1tuc5vzs.png
    86. Swift and Merciless. Summerset.x7bd1093vkdt.png
    87. Beware of Walking Horrors. Imperial City Sewers.51nvk6kamrqv.png
    88. Exploring City's Guts, featuring Edel Brann guild companions (Perelder @SnakeCrasher, Alaine Eliere @Ealge, random Saxhleel, Mero Annheart @Merodah , and Villaniel @Eldenor999).acg9ence4sm9.png
    89. Industrious Invaders, with angry Mero Annheart @Merodah . Imperial City.age47ir67ze7.png
    90. Eastmarch.logboov80ycb.png
    91. Life by This Side of Mountains. Wrothgar.daz3pte262xi.png
    92. Eye of Storm. Summerset.423z7bxo4jk4.png
    93. Summerset.rba86apri3ow.png
    94. Sinking into the Past. Summerset.24ebv7q95thx.png
    95. UH! The Treat!b91zjj9r2gbt.png
    96. Among Deepest Roots. Elden Hollow.krwa6gcd5ag6.png
    97. The Freezing Pass, custom housing scenery featuring @Nerzret. Pariah's Pinnacle.9osofwj3nq50.png
    98. Late Night Brew, with @roksolana_sowa . Eastmarch.ena7s9upu91v.png
    99. Mercenary's Life.7v39mlpl0twy.png
    100. Howling Grounds, with Mannumair Woodborn ( @roksolana_sowa ) at March of Sacrifices.iboihbxbfh2g.png
    101. I dare you. With @roksolana_sowa . Banished Cells.ekg8dpobaq6w.png
    102. The Restful Traveler, featuring suspecting Tarrin Leaftouch @TarrinRos . Somewhere in Glenumbra.nme577dp7fz6.png
    103. Meaning of Life. Murkmire.tfagxd88nhf8.png
    104. Sleeping Beauty, featuring Mannumair Woodborn ( @roksolana_sowa ). Murkmire.wam3bs6ft6ne.png
    Edited by HollHearsGlow on January 15, 2020 1:29AM
  • HollHearsGlow
    Greetings friends!
    Just returned from my wanderings through Shadowfen. Memorable adventure unlike any other it was, even though I'we been there over five years ago, I'we missed (or forgotten) a lot, and decide to return to its story with my improved English, to read lore books and letters - true jewelries of Elder Scrolls.
    Hope all of you had happy holidays as I did, and lets prepare for new Year of Adventures!

    Ah yes, some screenshots:

    105. Don't try Your Luck, with @roksolana_sowa (Xul-Thuxis, Murkmire)
    106. The Five Finger Dance
    107. Home among Mystic Forest, personal home of @roksolana_sowa
    108. Bounty of the Sea, with @roksolana_sowa and Captain Ginger Skull (Wrothgar)
    109. Silent Hunter (Summerset)
    110. Not so Bleakrock
    111. (Almost released Skyrim here, apologies!) The Mistress of Shadows
    112. Summerset Story Spoiler
    113. Summerset Story Spoiler
    114. Unexpected Visitor (Deshaan)
    115. Land of Sweet Waters (Summerset)
    116. Offering to the Abyss (Summerset)
    117. Quen (Eastmarch)
    118. Lady Molten Heart (Vvardenfell)
    119. Out of Time (Shadowfen during Witch Festival)
    120. Eastmarch
    122. Welcoming Party (Cyrodiil)
    123. Realm of Shadows and talking Birds (Crow's Wood)
    124. In Search of Lost One, with @roksolana_sowa and cat of doom (Crow's Wood)
    125. Dark Arts, with @roksolana_sowa and cat of despair (Crow's Wood)
    127. Crypt of Hearts (Rivenspire)
    128. Daughter of Cyrodiil (Imperial City Sewers)
    129. Skyrim Celebration
    130. Glimmering Halls
    131. Hist's Town (Shadowfen)
    133. Port Hunding (Stors M'Kai)
    134. Halls of the Ancestors (Falkreath Hold)
    135. Reticulated Spine (Shadowfen)
    136. One's Loss is Another's Gain (Shadowfen)
    137. Stonefalls
    138. Ashen Sky (Stonefalls)
    139. Eastmarch
    140. Midnight (Stormhaven)
    141. Daughter of Seas, with @roksolana_sowa (Hew's Bane)
    145. Haynekhtnamet (Shadowfen)
    146. Lyranth (Shadowfen)
    147. Returning to the Roots (Shadowfen)
    149. Tree of Life (Shadowfen)
    150. Atrocity of One (Shadowfen)
    151. Root-spirit (Shadowfen)
    152. Constellations (Shadowfen)
    153. Dead and Vengeful (Shadowfen)
    154. Halls of Oppressors (Shadowfen)
    155. Familiar Tail (Shadowfen)
    156. Leafwater (Shadowfen)
    157. Homes of Stone (Shadowfen)
    158. Kagouti-Bosmer Diet (Shadowfen)
    159. Evening at Hissmir (Shadowfen)
    160. Spirit of the Hist (Shadowfen)
    161. Venomous Fens (Shadowfen)
    162. Sweet and Vengeful, with @roksolana_sowa (Sanguine's Demesne)
    163. re0nevra19j1.png
    164. lccyt97mw9dw.png
    165. rmxhvxvfltk3.png
    166. qt8fazqaj4n7.png
    167. Choose Your Adventure (The Rift)
    168. Mournhold Sewers (Deshaan)
    169. Warden of the Tribunal, with @Ealge (Elden Hollow)
    170. Road to Rimmen (Elsweyr)
    Edited by HollHearsGlow on January 10, 2020 7:31PM
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