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Broken game LoL

  • Hashtag_
    Let’s not pretend end game pve isn’t more toxic than pvp cause FYI it’s far more toxic
  • xeha_arwen11
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    Cadbury wrote: »
    The sad part is that this will reinforce the idea that "PvP players are evil" in the minds of many.

    Evil is not the word. Toxic. 99% of the pvp players in this game are tea-bagging toxic elitist. I'm sure they are nice people in real life but when they enter pvp it's like a messed up behavioral switch gets flipped on in their head. Mob mentality and the idea of being able to let loose in a video game with no code of conduct comes out. Maybe it's a stress reliever or maybe they do it to make up for a lack of confidence in rl to feel better. Who knows but it diffenetly is disturbing to know that so many people behave this way under the guise of anominity. This is the future of America folks. Our best and brightest.

    Like someone else pointed out you are just pulling this 99% statistic out of thin air. From my experience it does happen a lot but the tea baggers are a still a minority. Also generally I usually find them to be among the worst skilled players in the game and apparently compensating for it with childish behavior.

    Teabaggers are not a minority. In all my time doing BGs, Cyro, and IC, about 70 percent of the people I met were teabagging toxic elitists. I was first place in land grab battlegrounds for awhile, so I have seen the extreme toxicity and elitism of the "top players". The higher up you go, the worse the people and the more toxic and horrible they are. Same with a lot of top PvE players. The amount of daily toxicity and cheating (including hacking and exploiting) I encountered at the top was staggering and made me stop playing. PvP and high level PvE in this game is rotten to the core. I agree that PvP has far more toxic people in it than PvE, but PvE has a lot of awfulness in it too.
  • zyk
    ESO, by far, has the least toxic PVP community I've personally observed. If anything, it's too chill and not nearly competitive enough.
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