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Carbonised's Picture Book - Outstanding Outfits, Mezmerising Motifs and More

I'm usually more known for showcasing houses I made (they're all in my signature if you're curious), but it's been a while since any new house came out that I was excited for, or even bought. Hence, time to add something new to my portfolio. This thread will be focusing on showcasing a few outfits, costumes and other character customization that I've made, and maybe inspire people to make something similar. I've gotten at least a few whispers complimenting my characters' looks, so I can't be the only one who finds them pretty =D

The majority of the screens will be of my main character, my Dunmer Magicka Dragonknight, but with a few additions of my other 5 characters here and there as well. I only play magicka, so you'll mostly see light armor and staves. Though of course I have a tank setup for my main as well, so there'll be some sword & shield and heavy armor here and there too. I have almost all dyes unlocked, which makes for a nice varied palette, though I mostly keep to reds, at least for my main. Dunmer DKs just look better in red, plus it's the Ebonheart Pact colour, after all.

I often find a look that fits with the new DLC and zones, cultural appropriation and all that. Or just a cosmopolitan Dunmer's way of experiencing something new and exotic. I also try and find a new look for each of the festivals/events of the year, such as New Life, Witche's Festival, Midyear Mayhem and Jester's. Sadly I didn't think of this idea before now, so all the former outfits I've made are lost in the past. But at least from here on I'll try and document the various looks that I make. Feel free to comment, praise, critique or emulate. But please don't post screens of your own characters in this thread. There's already an (un)official outfit thread going around the forums, or you can make your own post. I'd like to reserve this thread for my own outfits, and keep it as a sort of album.
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