Loremaster's Archive - Dragons in the 2nd Era

Hi all,

We're pleased to announce that we're going to test bringing the Loremaster's Archive back as a semi-regular series! To kick it off, we'd like to ask for your questions pertaining to Dragons in the 2nd Era. After Friday, we'll select five questions that we'll put to our Loremaster, and then publish the answers to the website.

We know that traditionally we answer more than five questions, but we're hoping that by making these articles more manageable for all involved, we'll be able to do them more often. Each edition will also feature a different "theme" that we'll answer questions on!

Please limit your questions to no more than three lines as well--we love it when your questions are in character, but please be concise. Thanks!
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  • Xarc
    Hi loremaster ;)
    • As asked above, why are dragons limited to Elsweyr ?
    • Does the coming of the dragons coincide with that of a dragonborn, as the legend says ?
    • What about dragon priests ?
    Breton / Bosmer
    For the Reach.
  • omnimuffin
    Soul Shriven
    • What's the connection between Kaalgrontiid and his 'rage' of dragons and Alduin and the Dragon Cult?
    • What prompted Kaalgrontiid to split off from the bulk of the Dragons in the Northern Lands, if they were originally part of Alduin's kingdom?
    • Given Kaalgrontiid's immense power, was he relatively far up in the Dragon hierarchy? Potentially a match for even Paarthurnax?
  • Elsonso
    There are so many dragons appearing over Elsweyr that it makes me wonder how any mortals could defeat the dragons in Sunspire. There should be a gaggle of them in there. Hmmm. What is the word for more dragons than one can count before dying a horrible death? Brood? Herd? Flock? Clowder?

    Why are there so few dragons in Sunspire?
  • LickingHistSap
    How have the other provinces been reacting to the appearance of Dragons in Elsweyr? Has the news reached the Nords of East or West Skyrim, and if so, have they made any preparations for the possibility of the dragon infestation spreading to other parts of Tamriel?
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  • turlisley
    Can we expect to see Dragon(s) in and upon the release of the expected and highly-anticipated ESO Skyrim Chapter in 2021, marking TES V's 10-year anniversary?
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  • TheRimOfTheSky
    Following my interviews with survivors of Dragon attacks during my travels in Anequina, I've come to realize that each encounter with one has been male, referring to themselves as such in their boastful shouts. Upon further research I have found very little on what a female dragon would be, only finding a few mentions in a child's bestiary and one accompanying Akatosh in the very fictional King Edward series, with some rumors that they had timeline-mending functions. This leads me to the question, what can be said about the nature of female dragons, and why are they so rare?

    —Regards, Hundolin Dorn'ke, former Arcane University Scholar
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  • TPC9000
    Soul Shriven
    It surprises me that there are no known notable Draconic constructions, given the might of such beings. Was their civilisation truly so simple as to perch on hills and mountains all day, as is told in stories, or might they have created great constructs which have been long lost to us?
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  • Arko_Nam_La

    - Is Nahfahlaar the same dragon as Nafaalilargus?
  • DomesticatedScrib
    Soul Shriven
    Naharanji has found what are obviously dragon eggs in her travels. What is the proper way to care for them such they grow into a financially lucrative opportunity? Obviously nurturing these eggs such that they become young and ferocious would be ideal, but as others have mentioned, one never sees these juveniles in the wild.

    -Legitimate Businesscat Naharanji

  • SirAxen
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Why are dragons limited and confined to Elsweyr? They have wings. The should appear in any zone.

    If I had wings and I was trapped/imprisoned inside a mountain in a tropical jungle along the southern coast for X amount of time, the first thing I would do upon escape would be to fly north, to Skyrim; and perhaps roast a few AD-DC-EP in Cyrodiil along the way. >:)

    TL;DR: Dragons would be a lot cooler if they were also present in Cyrodiil.

    The lore books explain that the dragons under kaalgrontiid's command were interested in jode's core, a lunar artifact with great power located in the plane of jode, which required them to access them from the moon gates located in elsweyr.

    Yeah, yeah, I completed the Elsweyr Chapter main story early on and understand the lore; however, a point still needs to be made about the fact that these god-like winged beasts would be confined to one small zone.
    For example, it makes sense for Abyssal Geysers to be confined to Summerset because Summerset is an island.
    But, dragons can go anywhere, fly anywhere. Cyrodiil, a massive near-empty zone, makes the most sense.
    And, for ZOS to limit Dragons and their legendary, important role in TES series to just the Elsweyr setting is rather underwhelming.

    Having Dragons (or Daedric Titans, probably more appropriate [see: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Daedric_Titan]) fly around The Imperial City and Cyrodiil as roaming encounters (how Dragons function in Elsweyr) was a huge missed opportunity, IMO.

    You're thinking about the size of Elsweyr in terms of the game itself. In "reality" Elsweyr is massive and would take months to traverse to another province depending on where you started from.
  • BlissfulDelusions
    Greetings, (loremaster's name goes here)!

    I am most humbled to get the opportunity to write you. I personally find it hard to believe there is an on-going dragon crisis, but given the repeated news of their attacks, one would be a fool to dismiss them entirely.

    As a Daedrologist my first cue is to try to find a connection between dragons and the Padomaic denizens of Oblivion, the Daedra, though after summoning an entity known as Denogorath the Dread Archivist (which almost went awry, I nearly lost my right hand!) and consulting them, I've found no connection between the dragons and Daedra, except the so-called Titans, which are supposedly just Molag Bal, the God of Schemes' improved design.

    So if not in any way linked to the Daedra, just where are dragons from? And how did they come to be?

    Moon and Star guide you,
    Sorcano Averion, Daedrologist, Mystic and servitor-mage of minor House Tavari, under Great House Indoril
    As a reminder to those unaware,
    the rules of the forum can be found right here.

    I have like 44k+ achievement points and a lot of trifectas, so I guess my opinions should mean something.

    My total Crown spendings are also at 10,000 USD+. I'm one of the cash cows that keep the game running ;D

    Pls make it possible to name change restored characters
  • Legoless
    The opening of the Halls of Colossus is known to have awoken the great dragon Maarselok from his slumber beneath the mountains of Tenmar. Has this event caused other, similarly forgotten dragons to return to the skies of Tamriel?

    The skeletal remains of Thurvokun were recently reanimated in the mines of Fang Lair by the foul Blackmarrow Cult, his ancient bones used as a vessel for the soul of their leader. Does this imply that Thurvokun's own soul was devoured by a fellow dov at some point in the past, or could he rise again?

    Are the lower levels of the Battlespire occupied by the famed Dragonne Papré during the Second Era?

    In light of the recent draconic threat to the Dominion's capital in Grahtwood, is there a real risk of Elsweyr's dragon menace spilling out onto wider Tamriel in the years and decades to come?

    Is there any record of Jills being sighted during the Second Era?

    —Legoless, Tiger-Doyen of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
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  • mattyswaggy
    Soul Shriven
    GreetIngs Cerum,

    I'd like to ask where the Jills are at this time? Jills as in basically female dragons. Are they yet to be summoned by Akatosh to fix time?

    Yours Sincerely, Renowned Scholar, Alveri Solman.
    Edited by mattyswaggy on September 3, 2019 8:14PM
  • gepe87
    My question: These dragons released on tamriel over Elsweyr will be linked with Tiber Septim raise to power in late 2nd era, and Nafaalilargus loyalty towards him? Will Dragonguard bring a clue about this?
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    Gepe, MagSorc Pact Warlord | Gepe Indoril, MagSorc Pact General

    If you see edits on my replies: typos. English isn't my main language
  • Vanthras79
    What do the Grey-Beards think of the Dragons outbreak in Elsweyr?
    Norion Germain - Telvanni Wizard, Covenant Battle Mage, Resident of Wayrest, and Lord of Tel Galen.

  • Ratzkifal
    Vanthras79 wrote: »
    What do the Grey-Beards think of the Dragons outbreak in Elsweyr?

    Adding to that, is Paarthurnax confused about the return of dragons happening in another place than he expected?
    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
  • Bruccius
    As an Imperial scholar, my sources as of late have been limited due to the... unfortunate troubles... which are currently taking place in my homeland, specifically the Imperial City, and thus the Arcane University.

    Before this was the case, however, I had been spending time learning the ways of the ancient Nords, their Pantheon, their customs, their arms and armor, all of it. Ysgramor's return, the worship of Alduin, the Dragon Cult, the Dragon Wars, I'm sure most of us know what these terms mean. It has recently come to my ear that the Nibenese serving under Euraxia Tharn have encountered Dragons in Elsweyr, and this has certainly piqued my interest.

    I have never come across any sources mentioning Dragons in Elsweyr. I have read books mentioning, and personally seen, the dragons of Cyrodiil, specifically the Imperial City, and I even had the chance to see a dragon skull in Valenwood, implying they might have even settled there, but Elsweyr?

    Is there a reason why these Dragons are in Elsweyr, but not mentioned in the books related to the Dragon Cult? Did these dragons leave Skyrim while the Dragon Wars were raging in an attempt to escape the fury of the Nords, who could now Shout their ancient masters out of the sky through usage of the Thu'um?

    Or did they perhaps fly to Elsweyr in order to further increase their power? Did they aim to overthrow Alduin? Is it my own research which is lacking on the matter, or have the ancient Nords just not kept records of these specific Dragons? Were these Dragons even related to Alduin's rule, or were they seperated when the first dragons fled Akavir? While on the matter, I have heard talk of the Euraxian Legion using these Dragons as part of their military. Has this feat truly been accomplished? Are these creatures willing to serve under the command of a human? I consider it unlikely, but the war doesn't provide me with a chance to see for myself.

    I eagerly await your response,

    Bruccius, Imperial scholar
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  • Skullstachio
    @Xarcus wrote: »
    Hi loremaster ;)
    • Does the coming of the dragons coincide with that of a dragonborn, as the legend says ?
    • What about dragon priests ?

    Just to answer those two questions.
    • No it does not, as I roughly know accordingly the Dragonborn usually surfaces around the same time Alduin Returns due to being sent forward in time via an elder scroll(fragment of creation.) but there’s more: https://en.m.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Dragonborn
    • Dragon Priests do still exist in the current era and possibly further back in time as a spirit of a dragon priest can be seen story wise on the isle of bleakrock. But otherwise, you may need to see this: https://en.m.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Dragon_Cult

    ~Skullstachio, One of many Champion of Hermaeus Mora.
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  • Shadow_Akula
    In TES V: Skyrim I believe it is said that no dragon is truly dead unless it’s soul is absorbed by a dovahkiin, if true then does that mean that each dragon we’ve eliminated in Elsweyr (especially named ones like the sunspire trio and storyline ones) can eventually comeback if a dragon with similar resurrection powers to Alduin awakens them again? Assuming there’s no Dragonborn in our midst (which it appears there is not)

  • silvereyes
    Why are dragons limited and confined to Elsweyr?
    To sell expansion packs, silly. :D

    Either that, or Khajiit meat just tastes sweeter. Probably all the moon sugar.
    [PC/NA] @silvereyes | My Addons on ESOUI.com

    Still imperfect, and I'm sad about it
  • Inari Telvanni
    Inari Telvanni
    Soul Shriven
    Honor to you and your House, serjo!

    For the purposes of furthering academic research and expanding upon knowledge pertaining to this strange time period we currently live in..
    Are there such a thing as modern-era Dragons, that aren't wholly interested in death, domination and.. well, fire? Such as ones that find mortals fascinating and endearing, rather than simply inferior, duller creatures comparable to snails or flies?
    What could we possibly learn from this great race without outright killing them?
    I've heard they speak a strange, alien tongue. How come they insist on strictly speaking in the common tongue of Tamriel?

    ALMSIVI in every hour,
    Telvanni Nanaru Illeryan, Kena In Training Extraordinare.
    Edited by Inari Telvanni on September 30, 2019 1:18PM
    The Lore is yours.

    @Vivyyne (PC/NA)
  • Darkmage1337
    silvereyes wrote: »
    Why are dragons limited and confined to Elsweyr?
    To sell expansion packs, silly. :D

    Either that, or Khajiit meat just tastes sweeter. Probably all the moon sugar.

    There are no expansion packs in ESO, only 'Chapters.'

    Expansion-packs raise level caps and make prior content obsolete. (E.g. WoW's model.)
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    CP 1337
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  • BlissfulDelusions
    silvereyes wrote: »
    Why are dragons limited and confined to Elsweyr?
    To sell expansion packs, silly. :D

    Either that, or Khajiit meat just tastes sweeter. Probably all the moon sugar.

    There are no expansion packs in ESO, only 'Chapters.'

    Expansion-packs raise level caps and make prior content obsolete. (E.g. WoW's model.)

    The CP cap has up until Murkmire been increased each patch by 30 points.

    Most older PvE content (trials) is dead.
    As a reminder to those unaware,
    the rules of the forum can be found right here.

    I have like 44k+ achievement points and a lot of trifectas, so I guess my opinions should mean something.

    My total Crown spendings are also at 10,000 USD+. I'm one of the cash cows that keep the game running ;D

    Pls make it possible to name change restored characters
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