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Loremaster's Archive - Dragons in the 2nd Era

  • Darkmage1337
    silvereyes wrote: »
    Why are dragons limited and confined to Elsweyr?
    To sell expansion packs, silly. :D

    Either that, or Khajiit meat just tastes sweeter. Probably all the moon sugar.

    There are no expansion packs in ESO, only 'Chapters.'

    Expansion-packs raise level caps and make prior content obsolete. (E.g. WoW's model.)

    The CP cap has up until Murkmire been increased each patch by 30 points.

    Most older PvE content (trials) is dead.

    CP has nothing to do with it, but thanks for the history lesson anyway.
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  • silvereyes
    silvereyes wrote: »
    Why are dragons limited and confined to Elsweyr?
    To sell expansion packs, silly. :D

    Either that, or Khajiit meat just tastes sweeter. Probably all the moon sugar.

    There are no expansion packs in ESO, only 'Chapters.'

    Expansion-packs raise level caps and make prior content obsolete. (E.g. WoW's model.)
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  • Starlight_Knight
    How did the comeback of dragons directly effect Bosmers ability to stealth. ?
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  • keto3000
    Why do dragons choose to eat many more green quality recipes than purple ones? You would think the purple ones might taste better no?

    Why have we never seen any baby dragons or dragon eggs on our travels? Think of the omelette possibilities …

    What do dragons do to relax and entertain themselves when not destroying my homeland and eating my friends yes? After all they are intelligent and curious as well as being bitey and firey.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws

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  • ShadowHvo
    Muthsera Loremaster,

    It has recently come to my attention that few of my kindred vampires have sought to drain a Dragon of all its lifeblood. News like this would usually never disturb a monster like I, yet I cannot help but to wonder just what effects such... rare and exquisite essence would carry. Is its taste marvelous, will it become a great addiction or does it even sustain our unholy vessels better, than that of mortal blood?

    The Dreadheart
    Nighren - The Shadow Striker
    Leader of Bloodlines
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  • VerboseQuips
    I am so happy these archives are coming back! :) I really hope the test goes well! :)

    I have so many questions, some of which were already asked by others... Here is a bunch of them, which I struggled to keep under three lines each. :D

    Is there a link between the Sunspire Alkosh cultists and the Dragon Cult in the Far North? Were there Rhojiiti Dragon Priests there, and if yes, did they wear masks too? Are such Rhojiiti Dragon Priests involved into the creation of the Lunar Forge in Skyrim? Is there a link between that Forge and Kaalgrontiid's interest for lunar power?

    If the Green is plant life and the Red is animal life, what is the Blue that Maarselok is spreading, and how does it connect to Y'ffre? Is Maarselok some kind of draconic "spinner" ?

    Could a Changeling assume the form of a Dragon? And if so, would they also wield Draconic powers?

    There are some places in Second Era Tamriel where the linearity of time and usual laws of causality do not seem to entirely apply. I am thinking, for example, to Glenumbra Moors, Ebon Stadmont or the Dreaming Nest. Is there a link between these abnomalies and Dragons?

    Wamasus are sometimes called "swamp dragons". Is there any actual connection between Wamasus and Dragons?

    Are there River Dragons sleeping somewhere in the depths of Rumare at this time? Besides Skyrim and Elsweyr, are there other places in Tamriel which were affected by Dragons? Can we expect to see some awaken in other areas?

    Some members of the Dragonguard use pseudonyms containing the word "Drake". Some gladiatorial teams use that word too. But what is a Drake? Is it some kind of lesser Dragon?

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    Alt 4: A Nord werewolf/dragonknight named Sigurd Hurlevent
    Alt 5: A Breton sorcerer named Gilian Sorril (he's Erwann's younger brother)
    Alt 6: A Khajiit nightblade named Jolan-dar
    Alt 7: A Nord warden named Sigurmar Hurlevent (he's Sigurd's younger brother)
    Alt 8: An Altmer templar named Oioriel
    Alt 9: An Argonian stamina Warden named Danse-avec-les-Rainettes
    Alt 10: A Redguard templar named Neemokh af-Corelanya
    Alt 11: A Nord stamina sorcerer named Olga Écoute-Vent
    Alt 12: A Breton magicka Warden named Ian Sorril
    Alt 13: A Dunmer magicka necromancer named Ilmoran Dren
    Alt 14: An Orc stamina necromancer named Norgol gro-Borziel
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  • LMar
    Out of character otherwise it contains timeline errors: Before TES Skyrim, all dragons were considered legends, but at the same time we saw Nafaalilargus and Tiber Septim had a pet dragon in TES Redguard, how do they come together? Did the Interregnum truly wipe out all mention of Dragons? However Nafaalilargus and the pet dragon were after the Interregnum.
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  • RosemarySherry
    Soul Shriven
    Hail, loremaster! I have a peculiar question for you, but one of utmost urgency, I think, during this time. In my research in the old depths of Daggerfall's sewers, I have found written accounts in soaked journals speaking of a creature that would ravage the are around the 'Bay. "Skakmat". Surely a native nickname, as the laughable epithet goes against all we know of the names of these curious creatures. Who is this Skakmat? Should we fear him?

    - Rosmarilyn Shaerie, Loremother of the Skyrim Archival Associates, friend of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
  • beadabow
    Is it true that Maiq the Liar was a former dragon priest, or is he just making that up to get me to buy him some more Sujamma?
  • khajiitNPC
    Khajiit is a laymen scholar, his question is in regards to time and dragons. He is aware that Alkosh is broken. Also we see dragon break portals in sunspire, he wonders if there is more to this? His question is on the nature of reality in TESO and what constitutes canon? Is anything set in stone? Do all parallel realities occur simultaneously? Basically what is the intimacy that dragons have with time?
  • IceFireWarden
    Soul Shriven
    [An empty bottle of sujamma suddenly materializes in thin air, containing a small but dirty note. When opened, it appears that the ink had been enchanted with a speech spell, as a quiet but anxious voice quickly issues forth.]

    "To my secondary beneficiary of scholastic employment, I erect the gracious spine of good tidings. I apologize for the note; I had to disguise it in order to avoid the ire of East Skyrim barbarians lest they learned my plans. In an old interview I conducted with Lady Cinnabar and Master Phrastus, we discussed the matters of dragons, necromancy, and the Daedric Prince Peryite. And now I have recently been informed by passing witch-men and adventurers that these exact three topics are matters of mass importance in the lands of the Cat-Folk! To aid in my studies into the Atmoran Dragon Cult at the behest of the Skald-King, I wish to ask you this: why is it that in some depictions of the legendary dovah they are drawn with four legs instead of the traditional two? Is this just a example of artistic error, or is some form of metaphysical importance to this that Peryite cultists are privy too? Drakes, wyrms, and wyverns, I say."

    - Eis Vuur Warden, Wayward and Contract Scholar
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Loremaster's Archive - Dragons in the 2nd Era - This article is now up on the website:
    PC EU
  • Legoless
    Loremaster's Archive - Dragons in the 2nd Era - This article is now up on the website:

    Been looking forward to this!
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