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Scalebreaker Stam Sorc Aoe Set up


Since Murkmire patch, I ran a AOE/trash set up which was a very solid performer in trials:-

VO 5 piece including daggers
Twice Fanged Serpent 5 piece
Storm Fist Head and shoulders
vMA Back Bar

Basic rotation - endless hail, caltrops, acid spray - front bar shrouded dagger spam until low health the steel tornado spam -whilst keeping up - crit surge, hurricane and channelled acceleration

Since the scalebreaker launch this has performed poorly, I dont think the sets i used got a nerf by im aware the skills did, does anyone know the meta AOE set up for stam sorc this patch? Do i need to change just skills or sets as well?

Thanks in advance
  • OG_Kaveman
    you would probably be better off using soul splitting trap then acid spray, also, barbed trap then CA.
  • WrathOfInnos
    Agree that you should definitely add Soul-splitting trap. Only keep Caltrops if you don’t have another source of Major Fracture (from a tank, stamDK, Magcro, or stamden). Also try a Master 2H for trash, it deals great damage and you’re nearly invincible with Brawler. That would replace both steel tornado and shrouded daggers (since no dual wield). If you’d prefer to stay dual wield then swap to the Whirling Blades morph since Steel Tornado lost its execute scaling and maybe add in the new Deadly Cloak (I haven’t tried this skill personally since it was updated, but it was buffed to deal nearly 3X it’s previous DPS). Stam sorc doesn’t have a great AoE ultimate, you’ll probably want to use either Suppression Field or Flawless Dawnbreaker, I’m not sure which is currently performing better.
    Edited by WrathOfInnos on August 31, 2019 6:01PM
  • El_Borracho
    Soul splitting trap. Caltrops is no longer a universal AOE and is now relegated to situational use (though I agree with @WrathOfInnos about major fracture).

    Not a lot of viable AOEs out there for stam players right now.
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