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has anybody gotten santuary chest to drop ever?

Soul Shriven
i have ran about 100 plus BS 1 and 2 in the last few days i have have not seen sanctuary chest for myself or any of me 3 other players in the dungeons. not even once have i seen it. im begginging to think its bugged an unattainable anymore. would love to know if anybody has gotten any time lately or else it might be bugged.
  • Ashtaris
    I think I’ve run BC1 or 2 for the same number of times for the Sanctuary Resto staff but haven’t been able to get it. I know it exists because some of my friends has one from previous runs with others. Just bad RNG, and now I don’t feel so bad because I know I’m not alone :)
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  • phuein
    RNG is broken game-wide. I do have that item, though.
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