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*Trials Guild Recruiting*

Hello All!

Twenty-One Void is a 2 year old endgame trials progression guild and we are currently recruiting to fill some open spots on our core teams!

We have 2 core teams currently.
Team 1 - Raids Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday at 9-11pm est. They are focused on vCR.
Team 2 - Raids Tuesday & Thursday at 9-11pm est. They are focused on vCR. Looking for Subs!
Team 3 - Raid Mondays & Wednesday between 7-9pm est. They will be focused on vSS/HM's. Currently recruiting for this team!

We are looking for Subs of all roles to help fill for others on runs when real life events occur and to help fill open runs throughout the week!

DPS : Mag DPS - 80k+ & Stam DPS - 85k+ on the iron atronach dummy. Please have the appropriate DPS sets and DPS parses ready!
Healer & Tank : Please have the appropriate sets and have ample experience in the role!
In addition to the requirements above, we would also like those wanting to join to have experience in all trials up-to vSS (not required but preferred)!

We do use BAND for all our trial run scheduling, open run sign ups, and just in general for communication. So joining us on that app is a must.

If your interested in joining the crew, message either "Heartless Reign", "Enyua", "xRazor05" or "Azy1e" on Xbox Live for further details and thank you for your time!

Guild Completes: vDSA, vAA HM, vHRC HM, vSO HM, vMoL HM, vHoF HM, vAS HM, vCR+1's, vBRP, vSS
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