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Having problem with Lorebooks addons

The problem is I can't show books and notes solely on my compass.
When I turned off map pins all pins on compass disappeared while the option for pins on compass was still on.
I tried reinstalling all addons but couldn't fix this.
Thanks in advance.

Best Answers

  • Golden_Cat
    Also, I forgot to mention skyshard addon can show pin on compass but not on map.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    It might be a performance issue, with only 16 shards vs dozens of books. I know you can't see edictic books without the Lorebooks addon, but map pins will show mages Lore books without Lore books. So, it maybe a rendering issue with the map Pins addon.

    Have you tried setting compass pins in Lorebooks for Eidectic?
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  • Golden_Cat
    I tried that, didn't work.
  • Golden_Cat
    Nestor wrote: »
    I am home now, so I have access to the game. I have both Map Pins and Lore Books. I see all books on my Compass.

    If I set the option to show unknown Eidectic Memory books on the Compass, they show up on the compass, same with Show Lorebooks on Compass.

    Map Pins is set to show unknown books.

    So either something is not set right, or you have an another addon conflicting or your Lib Files are not updated for all mods.

    I'm not native speaker so it took me a while to understand this answer, did you mean you have both option for books on map and compass?
    I want to have some immersion in my game so I want them to be shown on my compass only.
    If the addon doesn't work as I want I can just collect eidetic memory after completing the zone.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Baertram
    I think I remember it is like Nestor already wrote before:
    I believe to have a pin on the compass, the object has to render on the map. It's only quests that can show up on your compass without being on the map.

    So if you turn of the checkboxes in Lorebooks settings for "Show unknown lorebooks" they neither show on the map nor the compass.
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