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ESO is the only game that disconnects me from the internet.

Seriously every other game is fine but I start ESO and my Xbox literally disconnects from the internet. I know many said the problem is Xbox but ESO is the only game causing issues, really wish they could work together to get this worked out, I've missed 3 days of playing and 3 days waisted from my + membership :/
  • Alienoutlaw
    this issue has been around for years, unfortunately it happens just after ESO runs its patch or a weekly update, and yes the problem is with Xbox (Microsoft to be exact) 9/10 times there is a conflict in the way Xbox live allows the game access
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  • ZOS_BillE

    Our help article linked below has some troubleshooting that can help out with disconnections while playing ESO.

    Why is my Xbox One disconnecting from the game?

    If the disconnections continue, please let us know if they happen at a certain time or in a specific area.
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  • Nexus_Emperor
    I have Same Problem :( need Wite All player sleep to join!!
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  • Idinuse
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  • xmaveri
    this issue has been around for years, unfortunately it happens just after ESO runs its patch or a weekly update, and yes the problem is with Xbox (Microsoft to be exact) 9/10 times there is a conflict in the way Xbox live allows the game access

    You are correct as now as it was magic I'm having no issues. Seems to only happen a week or two after a major update. If I remember correctly same happen with summerset just not as bad as elsweyr. Anyways it's doing about better, I might only have one disconnect every couple of days which is tolerable to say the least.
  • AnonomissX
    It is the ONLY game that says I am not connected to the internet.

    As I stay rock steady in Xbox party chat the entire time.

    Whom do they think they are fooling?
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  • Karivaa
    We were just talking about how this game does this.
  • KillingUGirl
    This is a serious issue that they refuse to believe exists. I dealt with them for months trying to get my eso to work. I have a Dedicated Xbox for only eso that has a dedicated google fiber line that is ported directly to eso per their instructions and still I can’t play without constant disconnections. This is the ONLY game I have ever had this issue with.
  • HoustonHeart
    MMO's typically are very different then a FPS or games not heavenly dependent on the internet. I have had issues with 2 other MMO's games n xbox one, lately another is having major issues.
  • Redeviledna666
    I am a returning player.

    I have been back 3 weeks, roughly, and each day i get disconnected,several times. I am hardwired to the xbox, wifi not enable. Exactly the same issue, drops the internet connection.

    I find it very frustrating as i have no issues with other games. I can sit and play Ark all evening, no issues. I also tested playing Division 2 and GTA Online, then an hour on BDO.

    None dropped out. Back to ESO, within 5mins, disconnected! logged back in, a few more minutes, disconnected.

  • Karivaa
    Yeah the disconnects are back. A couple of years ago, we got dcd in cyrodiil once an hour. Same thing is happening again.
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