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Which dummy do you recommend for housing?

It's just for checking gear and my DPS. I am not sure I a trial dummy is exaggerated and a normal dummy would be enough.

Moreover, there is a price difference!
  • ScarletWitchie
    I think a 6m dummy would be good :)
  • fetito666
    Ok thanks!
  • bluebird
    Also, don't forget that you can get a basic dummy for free if you have Clockwork City DLC (or ESO+). :smile:
    Here's more info on how to assemble your Factotum by hunting down its parts throughout the world:
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    Since I don't do trials or veteran content I went with a 3M health dummy which is the equivalent of most veteran dungeon bosses. My decision largely had to do with the number of master writs vouchers required to purchase the plans and materials to craft the dummy.
    Edited by Alinhbo_Tyaka on August 28, 2019 6:42PM
  • Darth_Pinhead
    Yeah... I bought one from the Crown Store BEFORE I learned you can buy the plans to make one, one from the Master Furnisher (if you have enough writ vouchers, have the skills, etc.). This was before I started doing daily writs.

    I was only "casually" researching weapons & armor... as I happened to acquire stuff I saw I could research (and didn't really know what the point was). I always saw that the stuff I acquired randomly was better than anything I could make (obviously, because of the lack of crafting experience - AND that I wasn't collecting skyshards (I had no idea what they were for back then, and I only grabbed it IF I saw it, and didn't have to fight a bunch of enemies to get it)! This was YEARS ago, when I first played the game (you know... back before the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild - basically, back when the game sucked).

    I only casually played the game, but at least I kept playing it periodically. All my friends quit playing it, and I finally talked them into giving it another try (after a year and a half went by), saying the game was much better. They've ("We've") been playing it everyday the past few years, and most of us are really good at it now. I can take down most dark anchors, public dungeons... and even some world bosses: ALONE (though I prefer playing with friends - and they like having my help).

    Anyway, to get back on topic... I bought that target dummy from the Crown Store, also built that Precursor dummy (can anyone say "dead in a minute"), but I also bought plans for building them from the MF (there are several to buy - even the really robust ones). I mostly use them to test weapons, recharge my ultimate - and for my friends to use. I don't stand there and pound it until it dies. If I have that kind of time, I'll go do a trial or something.

    BTW... if you have multiple characters, and all you need is the "Precursor" target dummy... you can do that quest for it with each of your characters to acquire multiple copies.
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