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Update 25 new data usage?

Hello! I don't have a current issue, but I was wondering a few things with the upcoming update 25 to ESO. I heard that the game file size will be decreasing and obviously the huge rehaul of almost everything. I have satellite internet and a limited amount of data per month to use, my main question was if the smaller file size would mean more downloading information while the game is running? If so, would it be a big impact in terms of data usage? Thank you for your time!
  • Zorgon_The_Revenged
    I don't think the game will change how much data it uses when playing. I think I remember them saying when they roll the update out (not sure which one it is), it will require a full game download and at a guess I'd say 2/3 of its current size (depending on how much bloat they have in the game files).
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