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Master's Restoration Staff needs to be adjusted to compensate for changes to Healing Springs

The Master's Resto staff needs to be adjusted due to the new functionality of Healing Springs. Since HS will no longer be stacked, the Master's Resto will only proc once every ~8-10 seconds. Simply increasing the amount of stamina restored by the initial tick is not an adequate compensation. HS is now a "true AoE HoT" so it makes absolutely no sense to spam it. Spamming HS will not increase the healing per second and it will use up a GCD which could have been used for an additional Combat Prayer or any other skill which could add HPS or DPS.

Due to the way HS functions now, the Master's Resto should function similarly: Stamina restored over multiple ticks. This would also align with the changes made to the magicka return for the healer. Now, rather all of the magicka being turned during the first tick, the magicka is returned to the healer with each tick with the amount varying depending on how many players are standing within the AoE. Spreading out the stamina return would synergize well with the new change to the HS morph.

Spreading out the stamina return will 1) Prevent HS spam (isn't this what the devs want anyways?) and 2) Encourage players to stack in the HS to receive the maximum amount of stamina return as possible.

Increasing the stamina return for the first tick only encourages healers to spam HS (technically, now HS spam will return more stamina at the cost of less HPS/DPS). The whole point of changing HS to a "true AoE HoT" was to get rid of its hybrid spammable nature. If HS is truly meant to be an AoE HoT then the Master's Resto staff should reflect that rather than encouraging the opposite.

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  • typeR6er
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to see this adjustment to the master resto
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    I like it how it is with burst stamina restore. There's nothing else like it, and it offers you the ability to passively restore stamina to tank/stam dps if you use it on cooldown, or spam it and convert your excess magicka/GCD into utility. I also use it in PvP, and it's a fun support tool that is in no way overpowered.

    Players are already rewarded for staying in the springs, and the reasons they would leave springs - enemy AoE, dodging mechanics, attacking new targets - wouldn't be changed if they needed to stay in the AoE for the stamina return.

    I like to have two different ways to use the skill, but I see what you're saying about how increasing the stamina returned by making it a per-second tick would be useful. If they wanted to raise the skillcap, they could make it return an increasing amount of stamina, so that healers have to refresh it precisely and others have to remain in it for longer.
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