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ESO now incompatible with the "multicraft" add-on

Yesterday, I was trying to craft some armor, jewelry, and weapons and was getting error messages. I sent three bug reports before I figured out that the problem was that I had an out-dated add-on active. When i turned off "Multicraft," the crafting stations worked fine.
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  • Elsonso
    They included functionality from that add-on into the game. The Multicraft add-on is now incompatible with the game.
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  • VaranisArano
    ESO now has base game Multicrafting. Just be aware there are some quirks.

    Refining is set to refine the maximum amount by default and seems to revert to maximum each time you refine a smaller amount. So if you dont want to refine ALL your raw mat at once, double check the refining amount.

    Crafting seems to save the amount you last crafted, so if you craft two bows and move to the clothing station, double check you have the correct amount.
  • Baertram
    Check this addon, it helps with some of the quirks:
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