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[PC/EU] Tamriel Women Unite Free Play Giveaway Event Week!

Welcome to the Tamriel Women Unite, and a whole week of events and giveaways!

Tamriel Women Unite is a social guild for women and enbys playing Elder Scrolls Online in a fun loving and supporting setting!* Since this week is FREE TO PLAY ESO we want to give a huge welcome to new players with a whole week of events and giveaways. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

During the week we will give away TEN eso packages, each containing one eso t-shirt and one eso poster. We will host two competitions where the winner gets a pack, one for housing and one for outfits, both suitable for new players. Every day everyone who participates in the events of the day will have a chance to get our giveaway.

And last but not least we will also host giveaway streams where one lucky twitch viewer will win the giveaway. Just join any of the streams during the week and type !giveaway in the chat when asked for a chance to win!

Monday 26th of August 19:00 CEST
Welcome to Tamriel Women Unite - with @frankles
Hang out with your new guild on discord, create characters talk about builds, the fun of the game, Molag Bal and maybe learn how to play the /flute.
Streamed at @tamrielwomenunite

Tuesday 27th of August 19:00 CEST
Welcome to ESO - with @klamrar
We explore one amazing map area in Tamriel together, taking on world bosses, finding wayshrines and harvesting skyshards. Anyone of any level can join!
Streamed at @tamrielwomenunite

Wednesday 28th of August 19:00 CEST
Dungeons for Everyone - with @perdita
Try out four people dungeons, and level up your new characters! Loads of interesting stories to experience together and get good sets as loot from. You only need to be level 10 to join!
Streamed at @tamrielwomenunite

Thursday 29th of August 18:00 CEST
The Gold Galore Guide - with @sync
What is daily writ crafting? How do I get good gear? What are guild traders? How do I level my horse? What does wtt and lfg mean? Learn the secrets of the game with our longtime mmo expert Sync!

Thursday 29th of August 20:00 CEST
PvP for Beginners - with @pyrolah
Join quick 4v4v4 Battlegrounds or epic castle fights with ballistas and swarming armies in the war ravaged land of Cyrodiil! Enjoy the exhilarating and adrenaline rushed feeling of meeting other players with our new pvp enthusiast Pyrolah!
Streamed at TBA

Friday 30th of August 19:00 CEST
Housing Competition Tour - with @frankles
How does housing in ESO work? Join us and our secret guests Friday night for a guide to free apartments, furniture crafting and an inspirational housing tour!
Streamed at TBA

Friday 30th of August 00:00 CEST
"On a Budget" Housing Competion
At the end of the night we will host a housing competition where anyone can submit a furnished base game apartment for a chance to win our prize!

The theme for this challenge is: inventive on a low budget! Try to find a theme, make it fun and don't spend a lot of gold. The voters will take into consideration the cost and easiness to get ahold of the furniture used, the creativity and the aesthetic. It's ok to ask guildies for help crafting, and to take furniture and recipes from the guild bank. All TWU members will be able to vote for their favorite until Sunday 19:00 CEST when the winner will be crowned!
Send your vote to @frankles on Discord!

Saturday 31st of August 00:00 CEST
Silly Outfit & Screenshot Competition!
Have a go at the outfit system, or loot all manner of weird armor pieces and fit together for the silliest costume you can conjure! Color them at the outfit station and take a screenshot in a suitable environment to bring your creation to Sheogorath's fruition! For extra pizazz you can use the ingame emotes for hilarious photo poses. All members can vote for the silliest outfit and best screenshot, post your screenshot in the #pics channel on discord to join the fray, and the winner will be announced Sunday!

PS. With Minion you can get addons for the game and a pro tip for taking great screenshots is the Photographer Addon by Missbizz!

Sunday September 1st 11:00 CEST
Cozy Morning Fishing - with Frankles
Start your day with a cup of coffee and a quaint fishing trip with your fellow guildies. Getting all rare fishes in all map areas of Tamriel gives you the title Master Angler which is regarded as the most prestigious title in the game, one that unlocks a unique piece of boat achievement furniture! Pick up some bait and head for the rivers of Tamriel!
Streamed at @tamrielwomenunite

Sunday September 1st 14:00 CEST
Twitch Giveaway Draw & Competion Tour Stream - with Frankles
Check out the houses submitted in the housing competition and the silly screenshots posted to discord to get an idea of what to vote for! 🙌 Last chance to pick a favorite! Also LAST CHANCE to enter the Twitch Stream Giveaway before the winner is drawn in this stream!
Streamed at @tamrielwomenunite

Sunday September 1st 19:00 CEST
Aetherian Archives Experience - a Craglorn trial - with Caellwen
Join a group of 12 adventurers and take on the story of how the Celestial Mage has been corrupted by the Serpent and battle through the magical libraries. This evening we will take the scenic route and make time for the story elements to play out for full immersion. Don't fret about never having done trials before, we learn the mechanics and have fun together!
Streamed at @tamrielwomenunite

*That means be kind and respectful to each other. No name calling, racism, sexist comments or any of those kinds of antics. Also note that not everyone in the guild uses she pronouns ^_^
Edited by perdita on August 28, 2019 12:27PM
  • perdita
    To check out our first two new player welcome streams - and a chance to get our giveaways during the upcoming streams - head to twitch.tv/tamrielwomenunite 🙌
    Edited by perdita on August 28, 2019 12:32PM
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