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Tamriel Women Unite are recruiting ^_^ Welcome! PC / EU / Social / PvX

Welcome to Tamriel Women Unite!

Tamriel Women Unite is a social guild for women and enbys who like to have fun, learn, grow and play Elder Scrolls Online together!

We hang out in the game chat and our discord. Together we do fun and carefree events in game like world map runs where we explore the beautiful environments of Tamriel; dungeon crawls where we learn mechanics; fishing trips; housing tours; and even veteran trials! If you have questions about PvP, builds, dungeons, housing, beginner tips, or want to share stories about your adventures we’ve got your back in our different discord channels. Here you can also see our upcoming events, and get the latest news about the Elder Scrolls Online!

Do you enjoy streaming? Or would you like to try it some time? We have a twitch channel as well that you can use if you want to!

No matter if you are completely new to the game or an old eso veteran, we are a community for everyone that loves growing together.

Interested in joining? Join our facebook group or message @perdita ingame!

Welcome to our guild!

  • elbionblixt
    Soul Shriven
    Edited by elbionblixt on April 10, 2019 3:43PM
  • Shamisa_En
    Good luck in your endeavors! How often do you stream?
    The devil's in the details.
  • Thicclady
    Do you have spot for healer?
  • EllmansWorld
    Soul Shriven
    Looks great, wish you "guys" the best.
  • perdita
    We stream maybe every other week!

    And we definitely have a place for a healer, and any roles you want to play! Just pm me in the game and I'll be able to add you to the guild ^_^

    Thanks for the well wishing Ellsman 🙌
  • MER_ingue
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! :) I'm a returning player (actually just about to pop back on later today/tomorrow to get the hang of the controls again) and I thought it might be nice to join another guild, so I'd be very interested in joining if there are any spaces left?
  • perdita
    There are spaces left, just write to me ingame and I can add you ^_^💕
  • rosalith
    hey, i'd love to join your guild! I'll contact you in-game. @rosalith
  • perdita
    You are so welcome Rosalith!

    Also, you who wrote to me ingame that you wanted to join today, your inbox is full so I can't replay that you also have to leave one guild to be able to join us 😂 I sent a friend's request so I can whisper you when we're online at the same time!
  • perdita
    Oh my, the person who e-mailed me yesterday about the guild asking for more information about the guild, I accidentally deleted your email before I could reply T_T If you see this, please send again!
  • ConstanKar
    Best leecher EU
    The one and only Älg
    Nikel belongs to the Pact!

  • perdita
    Nice birdie :P
  • Johannesgeo
    Soul Shriven
    Is there an open spot for me? You sound like pretty nice people (◕‿◕✿)
  • perdita
    There is always a spot for new people! You can write to us on facebook ^_^
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