Lfguild for pve

Soul Shriven
Ebonheart mains and alts, I like pve over pvp, I used to play the game since xbox launch straight into f76's launch and well I still like eso more... INFP(t), risohudson enneagram triple score Achiever, Reformer, Investigator... And of course my name's meaning "noble enduring hunter hero servant..."
  • Baneful_Legion
    Search for “The Iron Foundry” using the guild finder. Think that’s the perfect fit for what your goals are.
  • PoseidonEvil
    maybe I missed it idk, but whats your GT lol?
    In-game ID: alchelvly
    Phixeon Maghi -- Breton Healer
    Harrow the Souleater -- Breton Necro Healer
    Krogyle dro-Smoketh -- Orc Stamdk
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