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Question for those who own an Xbox Elite controller

Does increasing joystick sensitivity in the accessories app increase camera sensitivity when looking around in first/third person mode ingame? I am thinking of picking one up for this very reason. Anyone know?

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  • Balibe
    I run mine on normal and do not see much difference, but haven't played with the adjustments to see if anything else helps.

    You may want to wait on purchasing the current elite controller. The elite controller series 2 will be released on 11/04, which is available for pre-order for $179.99 (MSRP).......

    Microsoft says 30 new ways to play like a pro. One of the enhancements is the adjustable-tension thumbsticks, you can set these on the the controller along with software. Other upgrades are it can also support three profiles (versus 2), three settings for the triggers (versus 2), charging in the case, etc ...... the only downfall I see is it has an internal battery, not sure if this means there is no way to change/replace the battery or use third-party battery.

    Here is a link to the E3 2019 announcement from June 09 ....... Clicky Link to New Elite Series 2 Controller

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  • Alienoutlaw
    it doesnt make a huge difference but as @Balibe said hold off until november for new elite
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  • kts
    cool thanks guys
  • SoftcoverGore47
    Do yourself a favor and buy the elite controller at Best Buy, along with their 2 year extended warranty. I thinks its $25 or $30. The elite controllers have a deserved reputation for failing/breaking. One of the buttons on my elite controller (I forget which one) became very intermittent just short of having it a year. Took it back to BB, walked out with a brand new elite controller a few minutes later. My only cost was purchasing a new extended warranty for the new controller. Did'nt even need the receipt, they looked it up from my phone number. Other than that, I love it. Tried using my old controller once, that lasted about 2 minutes before I went back to the elite. Once you go elite, you won't go back.
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  • HoustonHeart
    Hold off for the new one which I hope solves some issues with some games. Some of the features can backfire on you especially in ESO and some first person shooters. .

    Twice both of mine went haywire in the load menu and one deleted a character, it happened again and all triggers went back and forth, luckily on a mule. I since stopped using it and cleared the settings.

    Once in awhile you will have auto misfires on targets you do not want to target, not great for dungeons.

    It doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it annoying.

    The new model is supposed to address the issues.
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