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AwesomeGuildStore Lag

Not sure if this is a common issue but there were some changes to AwesomeGuildStore in my absence from the game that seem to have degraded performance issues.

I did update it with the latest version (in Minion), but it still seems.... shaky?

I get the Activity Queued thing at the bottom when you search for a specific item, and you have to wait as it parses every page looking for your item (some kind of spam/flood trigger protection I'm assuming), but what I don't get is how the results can be extremely hit and miss.

For example - I can let a search run its entire course, through ten to twenty pages of Activity Queued. And not come up with an item I know is there (Like if i jump onto TTC webpage and search, something posted 15 mins ago.. I go great and head for that GT). Yet if i remove all the filters / clear the search again.. and filter by other criteria, the item will pop up and i can purchase it (albeit there's a tremendous amount of lag when that happens)

Am I the only one experiencing these issues/ instability with the addon?

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  • Baertram
    I only get this problem if I'm in crowded areas. Sometimes the game needs ages to show items then, but also without AwesomeGuildStore.
    Edited by Baertram on August 15, 2019 1:15PM
  • girlpoison
    The issue started when they updated the guild store's default UI to include more filters and better search functionality. I experience the same "hanging" searches where it queries for what I want and never pulls results, even when I have MM and ASG turned off. So it's probably not the add on and just the way the game filters the guild store. :(
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