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<LFA> LoreBook and buff/debuff

Soul Shriven
Good morning everyone, I just started getting into the whole Add-on scene for ESO (wanted to get to 50/play most of the game without them, for the new/real experience lol) Well now I'm looking for a few add-ons I can't seem to find or I just don't know what the Modders named their add-ons. The add-on's I'm looking for are a Lorebook tracker/map points (like Skyshards map) and a Buff/Debuff UI that shows what buffs or debuffs you or you're enemy have (would be helpful with DK weapon buff, Nightblade armor reduction from Surprise Attacks, etc). Now I know these may not be out yet and all that, but figured I'd ask for some help out; since their is plenty of Lorebook maps/locations on the web figured an add-on would of been made as well lol.
Anyways thanks for reading this and helping me out; not asking for a direct link (not that lazy) but a redirection and/or the name of the add-on or Modder would be helpful.
  • Comaetilico
    buff debuff tracker can't be done with actual API (they took out the ability to track buff with a change to API a few weeks before release...)

    the best you wil find for buff tracking is FTC that track buff/debuff generated by yourself based on the assumed duration... that is to say when you use a skill that generate a buff/debuff and the buff/debuff should last for 20 second the addon will create an icon with a timer of 20 second... if anything cause the buff/debuff to end before the expected duration run out (example could be negate magic that remove all buff or cleasneing effect that will remove debuff) the addon will not be able to track such a thing and will still display the buff/debuff icon untile its expected duration elapse

    for book I think that something like that could be done quite easy... if only we got all the data about it... just like the cristal shard addon... but I've yet to see one for such a thing... if someone have done or found an addon for this purpous I would be really glad to see it too...
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