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[Witch's Event] How about double Pumpkins and double bugs?

Like 2x the number of worms from a node whenever you get some.
  • Feric51
    It would be nice if there was some type of event that would double the harvest on alchemy reagents from the fauna sources.
    • torchbug
    • fleshlfies
    • butterflies
    • spiders
    • mudcrabs
    • scribs
    • beetles

    Am I forgetting any?

    When they do double node events, such as all the nodes in Wrothgar right now, the above-mentioned sources are exempted and it would be nice to have them included in such events. Like OP suggests, the Witches Festival would be a perfect event to implement this as it fits the theme of creepy, crawly stuff.

    Outside of spider eggs and fleshfly larva (which comes from multiple sources) the above-listed reagents tend to be my lowest in quantity, especially since they are not guaranteed drops when "harvesting" one of these sources. I would be satisfied if, instead of doubling the output, they upped the harvest rate to 100% success rate.
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  • Gundug
    Back when Old Orsinium used to be one of the primo grind zones, I collected so many spider eggs, it’s stupid. I still get annoyed hearing the squeal a spider makes when you get aggro.

    I definitely wouldn’t mind quicker harvesting of mudcrab chitin and beetle scuttle though.
  • Taleof2Cities
    Your game ideas are getting better, @Dusk_Coven.

    This would be a great addition.
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  • Skorro
    Came in wanting to give snark about the game being buggy enough...

    Leaving with thoughts and wishes for more butterfly bits!
  • FlopsyPrince
    I didn't figure out that the flying things you could select would randomly give alchemy stuff as well. A bit annoying and I have more than enough fishing stuff now, but I am no longer so tight on Butterfly Wings and Torchbug Thoraxes.
  • FlopsyPrince
    I don't want any more bugs in the code than we have now!
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