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What add on is outdated, can't improve gear

Trying to improve gear. Gear is in my inventory, but at the crafting station, it's not showing as available to improve. Not locked.

Checked for add on updates and missing dependencies.

Anyone has/had this issue?

Thank you ♥

Update: Turned off out dated addons, and can improve. Guess I'll go thru each...

Perhaps I should have posted this in the Add Ons forum, if a mod would like to move.
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  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    I run Craftstore, Lazy Writ Crafter, Writ Worthy and Potion Maker. I also have Multicraft, but that will be part of the stock UI next Update.

    Those 4 cover all addon needs and I have no issues with Crafting. So, perhaps you could use these instead.

    More than likely, it is a Trait helper or tracker that is causing the issue, and Craft Store tracks traits just fine.
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