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Cannot get back to Vet maelstrom arena

I am at Theater of Despair in maelstrom arena. It has taken months for me to get here. I go jump to maelstrom after a week vacation and realize only after I go through portal it has taken me to normal. Ok. I leave, set dungeon difficulty to vet, jump again, back to normal. I wait a day. Reset my difficulty level to vet. Jump to maelstrom. It takes me into normal. My quest log shows I am on theater of despair but when I look at maelstrom on map it says I have survived maelstrom arena. Not hardly. I need help I don't think I can handle looking at three more months of maelstrom a second time without some kind of vet reward. Oh, and here's another cute ZOS move, after I have just finished filling out my help ticket, just before I'm about to hit submit, the game boots me out, I DC and have to start all over again. Three times....ZOS help desk I suspect you of purposeful negligence.....
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