Havent heard anything in 5 days... # 190724-003192

Soul Shriven
I contacted support last week with an issue. On the 25th they emailed me with some instructions and asked me to reply so that we could continue. I promptly replied to that email, that was 5 days ago. Is there anything anyone can do to help? Thank you for your time!

  • ZOS_RikardD

    I can confirm for you that your ticket is in the proper queue and you will receive another response as soon as it has been fully reviewed.

    Please note that repeated responses to a ticket can affect it's position in the queue, but we will do what can to make sure you receive your response as soon as possible.
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  • SweepsAllClowns
    Please note that repeated responses to a ticket can affect it's position in the queue.

    I thought this might happen with tickets, I got response from support that bumping my ticket won't get my issue solved faster, this happened when Wrathstone arrived and my account got completely stuck. I was very worried about my account then, now almost 5 months later all tickets closed and no bumping anymore. Usually I've got quite fast first response from support and someone has clearly read my tickets instead of some automated response, I try to make my issues as clear as possible so that might lead to faster responses also. However when the ticket is forwarded to the specialiced escalations team, then it's often the never ending investigations depending how difficult the issue is to solve.
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