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Noob Looking for guild

Hi, i bought game in 2014 but just started getting into it today, Im looking for a guild which does a lot of things (pvp, trading, and crafting)

I speak speak only english and am east coast usa time zone, I am a adult, sadly I am not in a position to use voice comms due to RL circumstances

I have played mmo's for a long time but am very new here, I will need to be taught a lot, and will have a ton of questions.

Also I have just the base game I do not own the warden or necromancer expansion (yet)

I am hoping a good guild will take me in despite the lack of voice comms and lack of expansions and being a noob and all

  • redlink1979
    Take a look here:

    Or use the guild finder tool in-game.
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  • corpseblade
    I don't know how much you remember about the game, but you can join up to 5 guilds. There is a guild finder now where guilds describe their type of play: pvp, pve endgame, social/casual, trading, crafting/housing, rp etc. You don't need to find everything you want in just one guild.

    A pvp guild that accepts beginners should be out there. As for voice, can you listen but not speak or neither? If it's neither, that will be a little tougher to find but not impossible. Because trading guilds need to bid on locations, they often make you contribute. That can be tough starting out unless you have a lot of in-game time to gather or quest or do delves/dungeons to find things to sell.

    Hit "g" in-game and look over the guild finder. Some guilds advertise in zone as well. Just contact the ones you are interested in and explain your situation. I am sure you will find a good fit.

    Good luck!
  • mimisapje
    On which platform/server are you playing?
    Like Redlink suggested, you might want to check out the guild recruitment category.
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  • StarSphinx
    mimisapje wrote: »
    On which platform/server are you playing?
    Like Redlink suggested, you might want to check out the guild recruitment category.

    Hi im on NA PC
  • StarSphinx
    and yes ty, I had trouble finding that forums as first, will check it out now
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