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[Solved] New Camouflage Hunter Bugged

The new Camouflage Hunter change could be really useful especially in PvE when adds/bosses are face-tanked away from the group enabling a constant Minor Berserk for 5s (that can refresh) when dealing Critical Damage to them from flank, but I think it is presently bugged. The Minor Berserk buff is not refreshing if directly behind a target, but can if on their sides.

If "Flank" by definition of the Flanking Strategist set is "attack an enemy from behind or their sides" then this ability should operate in the same exact manner (though I have not tested Flanking Strategist or Surprise Attack to see if they are not bugged).

Please fix, this could be a really helpful skill to be slotted in situations like vAS where Combat Prayer uptime is relatively low and could also be an alternative from wearing 2pc Slimecraw when viable.


EDIT: Ability seems to be working as intended after finding out that the test dummies Flank is from the front not back and in open environments, it is working from the back on normal adds.
Edited by YoshinJaa on July 31, 2019 10:11PM
  • Kolzki
    I spotted this too and tested it on random overland critters. It seemed to work right there - didn't proc from the front. Is it just the dummy? Is it the wrong way around? If so then it might explain why my tests of the Flanking Strategist set have always been so bad.

    Suprise attack only says flank and only works from the side, not behind. In that sense it works, but it's a weird design decision if you ask me.
  • susmitds
    The skeleton has reverse flank perimeters. The front is back and the back is front
  • YoshinJaa
    @susmitds Is right, took a look at it again, and attacking from the front refreshes Minor Berserk.

    I also checked a few adds out in Alik'r and it was working from the back and sides, so the ability seems to be working as intended.
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