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Steam Controller - Gamepad Input - Mac

Soul Shriven
I just bought the game and wanted to play it with my steam controller on my MacBook Pro with Mojave but ESO doesn't seem to recognize the gamepad input. I can only get it to work with a mouse and keyboard setup, not with the standard controller/xbox setup. I've already turned gamepad mode on in the setting panel of ESO and did a reset of the game through the start-up menu. I tried regular and big picture mode in steam. And I've googled many forums (including Steam, ESO, Reddit) but nobody seems to have the same issues as me.
Does anyone have any experience with this problem or has some advice on what I can try next?
  • TheBunny

    1. Try a PS4 controller using a USB cable. I don't believe anyone has added xbox support to the Mac Client.

    2. You might have luck using a 3rd party tool that can map the 360 controller to Keyboard inputs.
  • dekoffiedrinker
    Soul Shriven
    Unfortunately I only got a steam controller. I did map the keyboard controls, but it's almost unplayable with it. Thanks for the reply though.
  • karpok
    Have a look at Controller Mate App. It works quite well. I use it with a Nimbus Controller. But you may be able to get it work with Steam Controller too.
    Soumar, Aldmeri Sorcer
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