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Red circles and red rectangles in pvp

I do not know if there is a policy in why some skills do red circles and some don't, well the thing is, skills like arrow barrage do red circles and skills like wall of elements do not do a rectangle in pvp and i am tired of siting in someones wall of elements without noticing until the death recap. What i am saying is would it be possible all those aoes that do not do red marks to have it added in some developement cicle, it does not have to be tomorrow, as i said i do not know if there is a reason they do not have it, well I see there is a wall of elements on the ground sometimes but many times with all the fighting I do not notice. Oh and the one i hate does not have a red circle is the pestilent colossus I do not see the animation some times and it just smashes me and a red circle will help a lot in knowing which area is safe. It will be very helpful in pvp and i think i am not talking just for me.
  • Nyladreas
    I agree, either remove all hostile indicators in pvp or make them all visible.

    No exceptions. Removing them all might be a better way to do it. Since that would open up the way for so many builds that suck just because the circles make them predictable and noticeable.
    Edited by Nyladreas on July 30, 2019 11:07AM
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  • John_Falstaff
    Not just a PvP problem, mind, some places have issues with hostile AoE indication that date way, way back. It's incredibly funny to run vDSA and, on the boss fight in Circle of Rituals (the templar + sorc bosses) habitually start moving towards the freshly dropped nova to activate its synergy... only to belatedly recall that you don't have a templar in your party. ^^
  • Delparis
    after some years playing the game you'll finaly understand that this game is...

  • CynicK
    Yes Nyladreas, add red circles and squares for all aoes or remove them all that is what I ment, I forgot the removing them all option.
  • master_vanargand
    Super Holy Great Divine Creater ZOS is the mystery.
    It is building the world with holy saint idea.
    Or, it is decided with the golden wisdom dice.
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