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Hey all!

So I've decided to stick with my Necro for the game and want to try to get some info if you'd be so willing to share!

My first question: Do I want to use the stamina morph of blastbones to have the debuff or stick with the magicka morph? I'm thinking the Stamina for the debuff but then it'll do little to no dmg but as a healer I don't think I should worry about dmg but worry about utility and heals?

Thank you!
  • Waffennacht
    Because healing is tied into max stats and spell/wpn damage, your attacks will still deal plenty of damage. I'd use the mag version for damage.
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  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Damage aside—Do you have the stamina sustain for dirty Blastbones? As nice as AoE defile is, it's only 4 seconds and dependent on a buggy mister skelington.

    I imagine however much u'd have to invest into stam recovery to be able to use dirty blastbones for defile and making corpses—on top of CC-breaking & roll-dodging—could be better invested elsewhere. Imo the best utility is staying alive. Could be legit, tho — I leveled my necro on Under 50 BG's as a healer/hybrid

    What's your build so far?
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  • Iskiab
    I’m not sure about stam blastbones. The only success I had was the poop puddles that root, when it sticks hit them with the Goliath Smash. Takes a while to wear people down but the major vulnerability burst is really good.

    I’d try and incorporate that as support in a healer build.
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