Increase Raid Size to 36?

Can we please increase the raid member limit from 24 to 36? What are the limitations on this and why are raids capped at only 24 players?
  • TBois
    technohic wrote: »

    Yes but it's a lot harder to stack on crown in chaos.

    Exactly, and it coincides with zos's desire to have the least amount of difference possible between pve and pvp.
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  • Katahdin
    Group size is fine as it is IMO
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  • redspecter23
    Nah, you enter Cyrodiil and you're just automatically in a group with everyone else in your faction. Yeah, that will work just fine.
  • Ackwalan
    Stop thinking small, why not increase it to the faction limit?
  • idk
    Zos is not going to increase raid size due to the impact on performance. Further, I seriously doubt OP organizes and leads any serious raids because no one experienced with leading raids in ESO would make such a suggestion. Heck, I seriously doubt anyone who is experienced in serious ESO raiding itself should suggest such a thing as they would have a pretty clear idea of why doubling or tripping the group size is a bad idea. This is not an overly simplistic WoW game.

    Besides, OP does not even suggest a reason why they think want the cap increased. Doing it because you think it would be cool is the worst possible reason.
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  • dtsharples
    Loving that so many of us want group size reduced to 12 - imo it's perfect for how Cyrodiil currently is.
    Then we just need to make healing group only and Cyrodiil will be 'almost' fixed :)
  • Enkil
    dtsharples wrote: »
    Then we just need to make healing group only and Cyrodiil will be 'almost' fixed :)

    No Thanks... I play healers on MacBook but have trouble when grouped in Cyro. This would be a silly and illogical.
  • Lucky28
    *** no!. reduce size to 15 or 12.
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