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Increase Raid Size to 36?

  • msalvia
    My key question her is WHY would we do this? Is there some problem with current group sizes? In order for a proposition to be taken seriously, argue why it is needed in the first place.
  • WuffyCerulei
    Can we add a definite timer to the hammer first? So AD can’t effin take everything with their 40-man healer group around the hammer wielder for 2 hours straight.
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  • Mr_Walker
    Why not an even 100? Just get that super zerg going without the hammer.
  • Mr_Walker
    frostz417 wrote: »
    Cap group to 12. Zergs ruin PvP.

    Won't change a thing on Xbox, you'll still get groups in Xbox Party chat coordinating like that.
  • Leeched
    Why not simply increase raid size to 500 since thats the amount of people that can be in a guild :lol:
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  • necr0o
    nope. no.. no thanks.. please no
  • cabriogirl95
    necr0o wrote: »
    nope. no.. no thanks.. please no

    Bigger group size to bring down Bridges and mile gates. That's where the true PVP is.
    Edited by cabriogirl95 on July 29, 2019 4:14PM
  • Grimlok_S
    disable grouping please
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  • ssewallb14_ESO
    I'm actually surprised that in 5 years no one's made a megazerg add-on that just puts a crown on a specific player regardless of group.
  • InvictusApollo
    frostz417 wrote: »
    Cap group to 12. Zergs ruin PvP.

    This won't prevent zerg groups from forming. SInce instead of one group, there will be several but smaller.
    However this may decrease efficiency of ballgroups since addons won't be able to show positions of nongroup members.
  • ThePedge
    Cap at 12, make heals only heal your group.
  • Ankaridan
    Cap at 12.
  • BRogueNZ
    dtsharples wrote: »
    Loving that so many of us want group size reduced to 12


    lmao ..brutal melon

    A vote for 12 as well
  • Iskiab
    OP’s just asking about changing group sizes. The replies are hilarious. It’s a big ‘why get good when I can just ask to change the game to suit me’.

    When I’m solo - stop all healing
    When I’m with 4 - cap size at 4 and stop outside group healing
    When I’m with 12 - cap size at 12
    When I’m with 36 - cap size at 36

    Sounds like a bunch of people who think they’re good, yet have to ask for the game to cater to how they like to play.
    Edited by Iskiab on August 3, 2019 11:37AM
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  • Dominion_Nightblade
    So as to not jump on the 12 cap bandwagon like most of you sheeple, how about we remove all caps and the game will take an interesting turn. Remove group cap, seige cap, cp cap, resist cap, etc..

    I dont play prime time so this one won't affect me, remove cap for people allowed in cyrodiil at once, hahahaha.
  • frozywozy
    Cap groups at 12 or 16. Also make larger battlegrounds that cap at 12-16.
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  • jadarock
    Are you trolling? Smh How long have you been playing this game OP??

  • mook-eb16_ESO
    24 is over kill, should be limited to 12. none needs more than 12 people. 24 was probably fine when the game launched but damage/heal is so ramped it just not needed.
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