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What is the role of a stam necro in BG ?

I am pretty noob as a PvPer so it might be the problem but I am not sure what should I do in a BG. I'm using one of the popular build wich is plate + 2h and back bar is S&B to have acces to Major Defile.

I don't seems to have much burst, no spaming def move. The Necro heals are just trash.

My one trick pony is the colosus ult wich is mostly used to force a roll dodge and sometimes at chock point.
I am satisfied by my kill/death ratio but I feel like my teamate would be bether if I was playing something else.

Do I miss something ?

P.S. I don't want to play goliath since its impossible it wont be nerfed. It just too powerfull in BG completly denying flag capping to an enemy.

Best Answer

  • wheem_ESO
    The same as virtually every other stamina build: kill things and hit teammates with a Vigor when they're taking meaningful damage. You also don't "need" to use 1h/shield on a Stamina Necromancer, since the stam morph of Blastbones applies Major Defile (and Reverberating Bash is getting significant changes, and won't apply a defile in the Scalebreaker patch).

    If you're having issues with damage output, it could be due to the specific sets you're using, what enchants you have on your jewelry, whether or not you've upgraded your weapons to gold-quality, etc...
  • ChunkyCat
    You’re supposed to deplete your opponents health points before yours are depleted.
  • david_m_18b16_ESO
    Keep up blastbones so your team has a good uptime on major defile.

    Apart from that it's just not as good as a warden. Burst is more clunky and less reliable, heals are worse, sustain worse and doesn't have a good defensive skill like warden absorb.

    hmmm that's what I thought and since the class is doing so well in PvE I doubt that we will see any buff for PvP.

    Well I main a mag sorc in PvE and this stam necro was my PvP toon. I guess that I should switch lol.
  • Bhelen
    drop your ult and hope the enemy team stands in it
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    You didn't hear it from me ... but use Blastbones from sneak
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
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