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Soul Shriven
Hello, I submitted a ticket to support and have emailed but haven't heard back. My ticket number is 190711-002910. If you can assist it would be really appreciated. Thank you
  • bluebird
    You can track your tickets' status on the website, Support --> Log In --> Tickets. If you have only just submitted it, note that it may take several days to hear back from a Support Agent. You may get an automated response first (so check your emails or your ticket page), and if that doesn't solve your issue you should reply that your issue still hasn't been fixed, so it gets escalated to a real person. So not sure how long ago you submitted it, and whether or not you got an automated response yet, but otherwise just wait.
  • ZOS_BillE

    We have sent you a message with an update on your ticket #190711-002910.
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