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I picked up a master worm cult writ to make a battle axe, but i cant find the style book anywhere ?

I have trawled many guild traders tried to do dungeons cos i read somewhere end bosses "could" drop them.. what is the point to all this if the goal is unachieveable?

Best Answers

  • buttaface
    If and when you find it for sale, you will become instantly aware that unless you are getting multiple hundreds of vouchers for crafting it, it won't be worth it when the cost of the motif is added to the cost of the tempers.
  • Feric51
    Also, keep in mind there won't be a motif chapter titled "Worm Cult: Battleaxes"

    There is a "Worm Cult: Axes" which, when learned will allow you to craft both one-handed axes and two-handed battleaxes.
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