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Queen’s Decree — Can’t Open Monastery Undercroft

I just started the Queen’s Decree quest in Summerset and after investigating the monastery, went to the Undercroft, but the option to Open is grayed out. I went back to the napping monk and went through every dialogue option just in case and searched the entire place to no avail. I relogged and left and re-entered the area but none of this fixed it. I saw other players enter (alas, they didn’t see my inquiries) so I don’t think it’s a general bug. Do I need to abandon and restart the quest? Is there something I might have done incorrectly to cause this?

In case it could be important, I started ESO this past week and teleported two of my characters to Morrowind and Summerset to start the quest lines there rather than do the same story on all my characters.

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