Xbox NA: Weird Alfiq is now recruiting for normal and vet Dungeons/Trials

Welcome to Weird Alfiq!! Whether you are a new player to end game or a vet looking for a new start this is the guild for you. We are a close group of friends looking to expand our base so we can schedule daily. Trial signups are held on the band app.Looking for Trial Leaders!! New Core Teams in development!! Great chance for new starts!! Currently recruiting all roles!! GT: Draininglizzard
    Looking to group with more end game players... send me invite if interested
  • Draininglizzard
    Invite sent. Welcome to the guild!!
  • CaptainCarunch
    810 DPS (40k+ solo), Tank, Healer. GT Captain Carunch. Thanks!
  • UGotBenched
    Hi, Templar healer cp 346. I’m looking for a guild to start my trial experience with as my last guild didn’t work out. Please send me an invite if interested.
  • FixedBlade123
    Do you have a trader yet?
  • Draininglizzard
    We are continuing to grow quickly and look to expand more. Trials scheduled on band nightly. Join us and make this guild your endgame community. We compete for a trader weekly. 50/50 last couple months.
  • DocBacardi51
    Soul Shriven
    Would love an invite GT DocBacardi51
  • Draininglizzard
    I'll send an invite when I get home from work this evening.
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