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To The Creator of LootDrop

  • Feroc

    Everyone paints a picture of themselves with the posts they leave in the internet. You're a pretty active member of many communities (reddit, esoui forum, this forum are the ones where I've already seen you) and you've painted a picture of yourself with those posts there.

    Of course no one here really knows you, but it's human nature to judge by the information we have.

    I think you did the right thing now. You don't want to give account for your work, you want to do it like you think it's best. But the way you communicate that is a bit harsh sometimes.

    Good luck for your personal and professional future and thanks for the loot drop addon.
  • Elsonso
    The are bugs in it. If you discover that you cannot click on the <Alt> to exit text in the lower right part of the screen to exit from some GUI dialogs, it mght be this addon that is causing that.
    @Elsonso on PC North America

  • DragonMother
    @Pawkette‌ I wanted to take the time to thank you for your addon. I installed it before any other during the early release and enjoyed it's use ever since. I would hope that the people that have been harassing you take a note in common sense...I'm sorry they are giving you so much crap. Some folks truly need to take a chill pill and relearn how to have and use manners on a daily basis. Hate gets you no where.
    Demi, Adult female, Guild leader, Roleplayer & TES enthusiast
    Status: Inactive until further notice.
    I trust my instincts, more than I trust other peoples opinions.
    Four years, and still present. Sanguine still lives.
  • Waychild
    Just leave Pawkette alone!! :s

    Thankoo Pawkette for your addons.

    IF lost, please lootdrop here:
    Edited by Waychild on April 13, 2014 6:03PM
  • MorHawk
    Pawkette wrote: »
    I'm constantly confused by this reaction. Why do random arbitrary people think they know what they're talking about? What pedigree justifies such a belief in one's thought process to decide that they know better than other people. That their ideas are better than others. That their ideas are even worth consideration?

    I make UI professionally. I've been doing it for a few years, specifically for games. I design, art, and implement. I have experience with standard design principals, common user interaction, and I've been programming for years. Forgive me for believing that I might have some idea what I'm doing.

    Yes, you are indeed confused, as your comment has barely any actual reference to mine. I never commented on the validity of either mine or your opinions. I simply attempted to explain that your toxic attitude, again highlighted in the above quote, is encouraging the very behaviours you're complaining about.

    But anyways. Moving on now.
    Observant wrote: »
    I can count to potato.
    another topic that cant see past its own farts.
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