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Ward of Cyrodiil in BGs?

So with the upcoming changes to numerous sets, I'm going to have to switch things up on my stamplar. I wanted to get folks' opinions of Ward of Cyrodiil for BGs.

It looks like a decent source of sustain and damage (sort of), which you don't find in many sets. But if anyone has experience using it, I'd like to know their thoughts.
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  • ccmedaddy
    It's already a great set for stamplars on live. Currently using it w/ trappings on invigoration on the back bar. 4.5k+ weapon dmg with great sustain and major defile.
  • MaxJrFTW
    I've been using it lately. You sacrifice a lot of dmg to have approximately 60% uptime on major defile, and some of that is while your target is not even healing. Not worth it imo, you're better off with a dmg set.

    Fyi, i was using it with Ravager at first. Then i dropped Ravager for 7th because the uptime is trash even as a stamplar. Ultimately dropped cyro ward for Spriggan.
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