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Morrowind Collector Edition Upgrade

Is it still possible to get a key for it and would it work on activation ? I know that I can buy the content pack for it in the ingame shop but there's alot other items with these editions because most of these keys are still pre-order keys. Even my yesterday bought Elsweyr Collector's Edition Upgrade was a pre-order key. But it's important if entering older keys does still work or not.

Of course I've searched for it myself but I just've found Editions which aren't upgrades and I don't know what happens if I would enter a non upgrade to my account, they are more expensive then the upgrade too. The few other upgrade editions I've had found where just Standard Edition upgrade's.

A last requirement for myself would be the payment option, paysafecard. I will get the prepaid Paysafe Mastercard in a few days, maybe this will change things but I have no experience with it so no guarantee.

Thanks in advance, greetings, @support would be welcome to clarify this instead of a long taking ticket.

PS: Man I hate that I always do get linked to the german forums even though it's my main language. I know how to change back here obviously but I guess it's controled by my system language ?
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