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Question about outfit slots

Is there any way to assign a specific mount to an outfit slot? I mean let’s face it. Fashion is the true endgame hahaha

  • Nestor
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    Even the addons that swap gear don't do this. I think there is an addon that randomizes your mounts. But that maybe it.
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  • Danikat
    There used to be an addon called Pimp My Ride which would let you save sets of collectables and switch them all together, but I think it still had to change them one at a time, it effectively set up a macro so all the changes were on one key. But it hasn't been updated in ages and I'm not sure if the addon author stopped updating it or something changed to prevent it working.

    Without addons there is nothing like this, all the different customisation options are seperate and need to be changed individually.
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  • TheShadowScout
    Fashion is the true endgame hahaha

    And no on the mounts, also... more then mounts, I really wish there was a way to assign special -hairstyles- and -makeups- to outfit slots!

    I mean, who wouldn't want their sorceress character have free flowing hair and stylish makeup in her "Scholar" outfit, yet a bound-for-combat hairstyle and a face full of warpaint in her "War Witch" outfit? Or stuff like that?

    But yeah, it would also be cool to pick seperate mounts sometime... like, use a bear for your "winter knight" outfit and a guar for your "swamp raider" outfit and whatnot...

    Also, hats! It would be -nifty- to he able to assign hats to out outfits too!
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