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Awful Ps4 Experience

I decided to give Eso another chance a month ago after getting bored withe the Morrowind expansion and i have been loving it, however since around the launch of elswyre my experience has become hellish. The game feels like its running at 15fps even solo 50% of the time, im getting massive audio lag where nothing will happen for 5 seconds and then suddenly all the audio happens at once and now the final straw is redoing old quests on my necromancer they are bugging with audio not happening in the clockwork city and nothing happening after killing the wraith of crows, is this a known issue, i should have just returned to my pc acount but my friend has a ps4 and i thought a fresh start would be good, plus ive invested about 100 hours and £40 on eslwyre to go back, is this a known issue because i can find any solid confirmation and it saddens me that im being put off this game after enjoying so much the past month.
  • chuck-18_ESO
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  • method__01
    its now Monday 15:28 pm-non peak hour and game behaves like its Saturday night with a double XP event going

    how long must we wait ?new content means 0 if you cant fix previous

    and ffs,post something about it,all these ppl talk about how bad performance is atm and no word form zos
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  • redlink1979
    method__01 wrote: »
    post something about it,all these ppl talk about how bad performance is atm and no word form zos

    Yes we need a clarification about this.
    All ZOS mentioned was unsynchonized sound but unsync sound it's just a consequence of the server's under performance.
    All this problems seems to be the servers not correct response to the amount of data to load. It's happening across all platforms so I think ZOS/Bethesda underestimated the amount of players per server. The amount of returning players made the problems that were happening during events even bigger.
    This game needs an update to performance asap, please put next content on hold.
    You are ruining the gaming experience for all the people who spent/spends money in this game.
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  • Llaren_Uvayn
    I hope it's not a hardware issue on the server end.

    Recent maintenance has not made any improvements.
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