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You and other players discovering exploits, cheats, cracks or other inconsistencies are required ...

You and other players discovering exploits, cheats, cracks or other inconsistencies are required to report them to ZeniMax;

I'm a little confused with this one. When have people ever NOT reported these items? I have reported my suspicions on occasion, have turned in bug reports for exploits … I know a lot of players who have turned in way more than I have. We get a canned email in response telling us to put cheaters on block.

I'd would like to hear from ZOS if this change in the TOS is due to renewed efforts at addressing these issues or an attempt to placate the folks who are frustrated with the current climate as it stands now. So far, requiring us to police a game that we would rather play instead has brought about a climate of suspicion and mistrust among players within the community. Inaction in dealing with known exploiters and cheaters has brought about a "Who cares?" attitude with the people who do it.

Is this about to change?
  • SirAndy
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  • yodased
    It's called changing rules to justify previous and future actions.

    Now when you get banned just for knowing about an exploit they have a place to show you their rules.
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • VaranisArano
    It used to be spelled out like that in the Code of Conduct. Maybe they just moved it into the TOS proper?
  • BloodBeast_ESO
    I'm not required to report s*it.. Because i could care less
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  • ATomiX96
    If I discover an exploit which gives me an advantage over other players, you can bet your ass I wont report it.
    What are they gonna do if they dont know that I know something they dont?
    And TBH it could be the most gamebreaking bug ever, as long as there isnt a correlation with Crown Store it would go ignored for like half a year, just like the streak exploit where you could streak without cost increase.
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    Keep spending money on crown crates if you think its gonna make the gameplay better :^)
  • VoiDGhOs7
    Hahahahaha, sure!
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  • DocFrost72
    Found a bug a while back that was potentially exploitable. Course, I had two options; make a public youtube video/forum post and let everyone exploit till ZOS hot fixed it,


    PM a few zos forum names and send a privatized video.

    Pretty sure the line you've bolded is not quite "play QA cop for us" and more "WHEN you find something, you're required not to spread it around."

    My take, anyway.
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  • Kartalin
    I feel like it gives them justification to hand out bans if you’re caught exploiting a bug, but that may just be me being hopeful.
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