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FIXED Character stuck in the mesh, frustrating experience with support

Soul Shriven
Ticket number 190609-001294
Platform ps4
Character name - Ser Brienne Of Tarth (however she is currently Ser Brienne Of Stuck In The Mesh)

Issues - stuck in the mesh

This was my original message to support - “I have started playing the new dlc today and was in a delve desert wind caverns and I have fallen through the mesh. Can’t use the unstuck option as I am infinitely falling so I get booted for chat spam I assume due to the falling before I can become unstuck. Please help :( thank you!”

I fairly quickly received an automated response of how to fix chat spam. I’m a reasonable person, I get it, auto responses will clear up a lot of support traffic. So one I can understand. I in the meantime had tried some creative troubleshooting and updated my ticket “As an additional update troubleshooting I have applied - the fixes in the email, teleport to player, teleport to wayshrine, join cryodil and IC, teleport to house, nothing is working as I get cut off from falling. Unable to even kill my self please can you assist as soon as you can :) thank you”.

It is at this point I have become frustrated. My ticket had been passed to an agent when I rejected the original response. The agent then had the opportunity to read my original message plus my updates, plus the amount of time I had been trying to troubleshoot and replied saying to use the unstuck command option and also to try logging out for 15 mins. None of which had worked previously. I assume the fix is fairly simple and had my update actually been read by the agent and looked at in a slight bit of detail this probably could have been resolved by now. Instead my ticket is adding to the queue. Ticket currently Awaiting agent 21 hours...

Please can someone assist? @ZOS_BillE
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