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Audio Issues

So a few patches ago, I've been noticing some audio issues. Voices seem to crackle and there is some static-like noise that can sometimes be heard in the background music. This tends to be worse when I'm playing during prime time hours on the US server. But last night it was getting pretty bad.

Is there anything I can do to correct the issue? I've been playing since launch, and I've never experienced this until mid July. But it's getting worse (it seems like) with every patch.
  • Sandy_bar
    Soul Shriven
    Crikey, ive been having loud static crackling for nearly 3 weeks, I had it investigated, and apparently its a corrupted file in ESO, I have done Repair over and over, but its still there, so frustrating when playing.
  • ZOS_BillE

    As mentioned above, one reason for the crackling audio could be a corrupted game file. Running a repair through the ESO launcher can help with fixing this. There are additional steps you can take below if your audio issues continue.

    How do I fix sound issues on PC?
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