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Slow-Play. Because it's not just a game, it's an environment.

Put on your headphones - the ambient sounds in this game are masterful
Walk your mount. Train your mount in carry weight, not speed
Look at this detailed environment and look at the care that went into it.

Equip only what you find
Try First Person View
Turn off your Add-Ons
Do not craft

Be slow
  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    But how am I supposed to kill things .08% faster doing that?
  • Mojmir
    Yea,no i do that outside of the game after ive relaxed doing the game at ludicrous speed.
  • Royaji
    It says "play how you want" on the box! Don't you dare force your slow playstyle on me!
  • Llaren_Uvayn
    I find myself doing solo questing in first person a lot. Also, I turned off scrolling dmg text.

    I think the game is more enjoyable when it's not a all about numbers.
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  • Cathexis
    Some people only want to do certain aspects of the game and not the whole game itself.
    For example, having to pve for decades to compete in pvp, when you are a dedicated pvp player, is tedium, even if the game is enjoyable, half the time you will still find things to be tedium.

    One great example; the amount of time I have spent just banking is super annoying. To some people, its a mini-game, but it is not why I am here.

    Playing the game super slow is great advice if you want to take some time to discover new elements of the game or enjoy particular aspects of pve.
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