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Sunspire unfortunate naming

  • NordSwordnBoard
    1B, 2B, SS, 3B. The infield is not offensive, the batter is.
    "You get that blithe assumption that the status quo will always remain - or that this guy is so bad he's got to go. Neither are necessarily true, nor necessarily false." - Michael Kozak
  • AlienSlof
    Glurin wrote: »
    sharquez wrote: »
    You can't censor the world. Its like digging out the whole yard around a bush to move it instead of just moving the bush itself. People are going to take the path of least resistance, and there's not a whole lot you can do about it except grow a thicker skin. I suggest watching Hellboy or Captain America, and seeing some ***'s getting their butts kicked. Maybe that will help you feel better about the whole thing.

    Apparently, you can, and it's gotten pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Words, numbers, abbreviations and even partial words are being censored all over the place because they might possibly offend somebody somewhere who will raise a big stink about it on Twitter. Then the execs and PR guys think there's a gigantic mob of millions of people ready to burn down the building over it when in fact it's just one or two nuts with a big megaphone.

    Just the other day I saw "traini*****ound" in zone chat. Got me wondering at what point we're not even going to be able to have normal conversations anymore because they're going to be a series of asterisks with random letters sprinkled in.

    So much this. ^

    It's all just getting really incredibly stupid. Even legitimate anatomical terms are censored out on this forum. Just absolutely ludicrous the way humans get their knickers so twisted over silly crap.
  • FrancisCrawford
    DocFrost72 wrote: »
    Guys, I got it. We'll call it Trumptower instead of sunspire.

    Good name for something filled with inhuman, sadistic monsters.
    Edited by FrancisCrawford on June 1, 2019 11:42AM
  • FrancisCrawford
    Didn't even know SS was a dirty word until this overly-sensitive post about it. Some people need to seriously stop being offended over every little thing.

    Who in this thread stated that they were offended by the term? I thought I'd read every post, and I haven't seen that.
  • gimpdrb14_ESO
    Silver Surfer?
  • ZOS_RogerJ
    This thread has been locked to prevent further spiraling and due to its non-constructive nature.
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