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no map with Elsweyr woodworking survey

Got a survey for Elsweyr this morning and there is no map when I open it so I have no idea where to find it. Turned off all add-ons and still nothing.
  • tmbrinks
    I had the same thing with an Enchanting survey that I got today as well... along with the surveys that I had received in previous week were all the same.

    I know some people have found them by "stumbling" across them, but I don't think that's intended.
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  • LonePirate
    This is a problem with all of the Northern Elsweyr crafting surveys I have received. The maps never display when you open them. I stumbled across the Blacksmith site by accident because it is a near a delve; but I have not found the others.

  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    Yeah. All of the Elsweyr surveys are bugged this way. Sent in a bug report ingame and I suggest others do aswell.
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  • lostcloud
    The jewel crafting survey I had today was not bugged it displayed and I was able to find it. But all of the other surveys I have for the area are indeed bugged and do not display.
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  • rkknoechel
    Soul Shriven
    I have received a total of 4, 2 in one day, of the Alchemy Survey Northern Elsweyr. Nothing displays. I have also sent three reports concerning the matter, nothing so far.
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