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PoV switches and unwanted bar swapping

I have two issues that drive me crazy:

#1. Sometimes in BG my character would get knocked down by a wall and my pov would switch to and remain in first person. I'd have to manually switch my pov back to third person while under fire. This has gotten me disoriented and killed so many times.

#2. Sometimes after getting knocked down and breaking free, my character would swap bars for some odd reason. It happened last night. I got knocked down, got up, attempted to heal but somehow was on a different bar. Anyone else have that happen?
  • Defilted
    On Xbox the POV will change if you are thrown into a wall or back up into a cornor, but the POV will always revert back to 3rd person after moving away from the area.
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  • StarOfElyon
    No, I have to manually switch back and it's extremely frustrating.
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